If there’s one clothing item that everyone needs in their wardrobe, it’s a denim jacket

A denim jacket can be paired with practically any outfit to give it a bit of edge, or, just to put the entire look together. 

Since denim jackets are such an important wardrobe staple, it’s very important that you choose the right one. Denim is a very durable material, and this means that the jacket you choose can stick by your side and your fashion phases for the rest of your life. 

But, what exactly makes a good denim jacket?

Check out this guide to find out. 

1. Color Matters 

When buying a denim jacket, the color is perhaps the most important consideration. 

Denim comes in a variety of different colors and wash options, so you want to make sure you choose one that is flattering on your skin tone. 

Even though lighter, faded denim jackets are definitely the most popular at the moment, these do not look good on everyone. For many people, faded denim jackets wash out their skin.

While it can be tough to generalize when it comes to the right color, here are some general guidelines you can follow:

1. If your hair is dark, you will most likely look best in a dark wash. This is the case whether your skin tone is dark or light. Another shade that looks good on dark hairs is a bright light wash. 

2. If your hair is blond, it can kind of go either way. If you have light brows and eyelashes with light roots, then a mid-tone or lighter wash is usually your best bet. If your hair is blond but you have darker brows and lashes with darker roots, then you’ll be able to pull off a darker wash. 

3. For redheads, it can also depend. If your hair is a deep or bright red, then a deeper wash is your best bet. If your hair is more of a strawberry blond, then a light to mid-tone wash works. 

Again, these are just general guidelines, so you may be able to find a wash that’s in-between that works for you and your hair color. 

2. The Fit 

Obviously, the fit matters quite a bit when it comes to choosing the right denim jacket. 

First things first, you want to look at how the denim jacket fits you in the shoulders. 

A jean jacket should fit much like a shirt does. That is, it should be snug in the shoulders. In general, people tend to need to go a size down when buying denim jackets in order to make sure the shoulders fit just right. 

In addition to a shoulder check, you’ll also want to do a hip check before you commit to buying your denim jacket. The jacket should fall right at your hips. If it’s dropping below your beltline, then you’ll probably want to go a size down or choose a different brand. 

Here are a few other general guidelines when choosing the right fit for your denim jacket:

  • It should fit over the thickest top you plan to wear it with
  • It should be able to button up without tightness
  • The end of the sleeves should hit a little past the bend of your wrists
  • You should be able to cross and swing your arms comfortably
  • The fabric should hang down in straight planes

If you’re able to check off all of these options, then you may have found the perfect denim jacket. 

Alternative Styles 

That being said, denim jackets are widely popular these days, which means they come in a wide variety of different styles. 

While the above information applies if you want to buy a classic denim jacket, the rules can be bent if you are looking for something a little more alternative. 

For example, oversized denim jackets are definitely a thing now. However, there’s a difference between something that’s oversized and stylish and that looks like you just bought the wrong size. 

For oversized denim jackets, the length of the sleeves should still fit like a regular denim jacket. However, the shoulders will be a little looser, and it will fight a little baggier around your hips. For these jackets, the end will also fall a bit past your hip line. 

Another style that is very common right now is a cropped denim jacket. Again, just like oversized denim jackets, you want to be careful that you don’t buy something that just looks like the wrong size. 

For a cropped denim jacket, all the rules for the fit remain the same, except for the length. A cropped denim jacket will usually fall a couple of inches or so below your breast line. 

3. Make it Your Own 

The reason denim jackets are so popular is because each one is so unique. 

So, don’t forget about the most important rule of all: Make sure your denim jacket fits your own personal style. 

Just like anything else, a denim jacket can be tailored. So if you find something you love that is just a bit off in some way, don’t be afraid to buy it and then make your own adjustments later. 

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Are You Ready to Purchase Your Denim Jacket?

So, now that you know what to look for in a denim jacket, you’re definitely ready to buy your own. 

The great thing about denim jackets is that they’re extremely versatile and they can dress an outfit both down and up. You’ll get a lot of wear out of your denim jacket, so if you find more than one that you fall in love with, don’t be afraid to buy both!

If you have any questions about selecting the perfect denim jacket, please let us know in the comments below.