A fade haircut is a distinctive feature that will make any hairstyle look trendy and fashionable. Besides, it is so versatile that you will easily find the one that perfectly suits your taste as well as hair type and facial features. From modest and low-maintenance to daring and demanding, there is an option for everyone. To learn how to tell the difference between the main types of fades and make your best pick, explore our guide. 

A Fade Haircut: What Is It? 

To begin with, let’s make things clear. What is a fade haircut? This is a type of cut where your hair on the sides and back is trimmed or snipped so that it gradually changes from longer to shorter. There are many fade haircut types out there, which you can study in-depth by following our MensHaircuts website. As for now, we will give you a quick insight into the main categories.  

The Most Popular Fade Haircut Types

Fades can be categorized in several ways: by the amount of hair you take off, by the gradualness of the transition and by the pattern. The first category comprises a shadow and a skin fade. The second one implies a temple, burst, drop, and taper fade. And the last one features a high, mid, and low fade.

Skin Fade Vs Shadow Fade


The difference between them is defined by how much hair you remove from the back and sides. A skin fade, which is also called a bald fade, means that your hair is shaved down so that it reveals your skin. In its turn, a shadow fade suggests that your hair decreases in length but without exposing the scalp.

A Temple Fade

A temple, or temp, fade is probably the most subtle type of fade. The hair is faded out only on the temples and around the nape. The difference between the hair length on the sides and temples is about one grade.

Will It Suit Me?

If this is the first time you are venturing a fade haircut and not sure if you are going to like it, then a temp fade is a great option for you. Also, it will work well for guys who have a square and round face shape, as it visually elongates it.

A Burst Fade


This is another subtle type of fade, as it extends to quite a small area on your head. To be specific, it tapers the hair only behind your ear while going around it. The hair on your nape is left longer. 

Will It Suit Me?

Yet again, this is a great option to introduce yourself to a fade haircut. A burst fade is not particularly daring, so anyone will be able to pull it off. As for the face shape, it flatters most guys. But those who want to remove the weight from their heavy jaws will find it especially beneficial.

A Drop Fade

Very similar to a burst fade, a drop fade follows your hairline behind your ear. However, it does not end there but extends to the neckline area as well.

Will It Suit Me?

If you have a square or round face, then you will benefit greatly from this type of fade, as it helps you to visually elongate the face and remove bulk.

A Taper Fade

Everyone likes a good taper. This classic haircut provides you with a clean and defined outline while not being overly severe. It takes hair from the longest around the top to the shortest near the neck area, decreasing the length gradually and smoothly.

Will It Suit Me?

Looking for the best way to spruce up your buttoned-up hairstyle? Then your search stops here. A taper fade looks neat and smart, so it will not break any of your office dress code rules.

A Low Fade

A low fade begins with bald skin around the hairline and increases the length toward the top following your head curvature, thus being sharper than a taper fade. It allows you to achieve a pronounced silhouette without going to extremes.

Will It Suit Me?

If you have a triangular, oblong or diamond shape of the head, then a low fade is your hairstyle of choice.   

A Mid Fade


A mid fade is the golden mean between a low and high fade. It exposes a sufficient area of skin to look edgy and prominent while keeping it quite moderate. It begins behind your ears and blends into the top rather intensely. 

Will It Suit Me?

It certainly will. This type of fade is so popular not for nothing. It knows no limits in terms of head shape, personal style and age.

A High Fade

Being both the baldest and the boldest out of all fades, a high fade will give you the ultimately contrasty and daring look. It does not consider your natural head shape, as the barber will create a fresh baseline somewhere in-between your lower crown and upper recession. 

Will It Suit Me?

While no one can stop you from opting for this gutty haircut, it works best for Afro locks and flat-top styles as well as men with round and square faces. 

What To Pair A Fade Haircut With? 

The beauty of any fade cut is that you can opt for it to complement basically any hairstyle on top, from a casual crew cut to an elegant pompadour. If you are leaning toward simple and low-maintenance hairstyles, go for something like a buzz cut or a high and tight haircut. Those who are aiming for a high-contrast and sharp look should consider a textured undercut quiff or a faux hawk with a hair design.  

On that note, we believe that we have provided enough evidence to convince you that a fade haircut is an absolute must for guys who choose to look stylish and keep pace with fashion. Its versatility, as well as a classy appearance, will upgrade your regular hairstyle and take it to the whole new fashion level. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try out every single style that resonates with you.