Summer is approaching, and this means going to the beach. A day out on the sea does not mean that all you do is swim. You need to be comfortable if you want to sunbathe, and fortunately, there are plenty of fabrics and materials that let you become creative in your beachwear. Of course, you need to pack the outfits that will give your social media posts an extra boost, and bringing the right clothes is now essential.

For some, beach attire is incomplete without a cover-up. If you want more ideas and style on the outfit that you would love to wear, you may want to check this maxi cover up dress with open backs and high slits for a sexier look. Others would want cover-ups so they could move around comfortably in their swimsuits, and here are reasons why you should get one.

Why Do You Need a Cover-Up?

Protect your skin from the Sun

While a lot of people prefer going to the beach to get that lovely tan or sun-kissed glow, too much exposure to the ultraviolet rays can actually be harmful to your health. Sunlight exposure can result in accelerated aging, wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots, and in extreme cases, it might cause cancer.

One of the best ways to protect yourself is to get a cover-up. You might be planning to spend your time on the beach, which is considered a paradise on earth but plan more about wearing extra fabric most of the time, especially if you’re not swimming. After you’ve spent a decent amount of time exploring the corals and diving into the deep cold water, you can alternate between the crocheted dress and the bikini every couple of hours.

It’s a Very Useful Item

The usefulness of these crocheted tops is not only for protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays; they can also be a valuable item, especially when you walk to and from the sand. Some want something that doesn’t attract too much attention, especially when they want a drink at the bar or the lobby. 

In most resorts, the pool requires a bit of a walk, and if you’re uncomfortable exploring the area in bikinis, then the cover-up should be a must. Learn more about bikinis at this link here

It’s going to be easier than taking off the bikini and putting on a different outfit. Some can see the benefit during golf rides that take a few minutes, and others appreciate that they add a comfortable garment and don’t need to go back to their rooms to change. 

Types to Know About


Tunics are similar to the large shirt varieties. They can reach slightly above the knees and are loose-fitting. You can find long or short-sleeved ones. The ones for the beaches can be made up of chiffon, rayon, silk, polyester, and cotton. They come in various patterns, prints, and colors, and some have plunging necklines. 


Caftans can be short-sleeve flowy garments or ankle-length long. They are glamorous and have a luxurious feel, and you won’t have any problems matching them with your bikini. They can be a great option if you want more coverage from sunlight. You can even wear this for dinner, depending on the overall style and patterns.


Sarong cover-ups are very versatile, and they can be tied or wrapped according to your needs. You can use them as a strapless dress, halter, or skirt. The combinations are unlimited, and some even place them on the sand when they want more tan. See more info about sarongs on this webpage:

Dresses for Beach

Dresses can be spaghetti straps, maxi, short, strapless, or halter types. They are great if you want more fit and a shapely figure. These are made up of lighter fabrics, and they are more revealing than traditional dresses. You’re supposed to have swimwear underneath them, but others are fine without this. There are many options, and you just need to take your favorite styles.

Long Cardigan

This style features a more open front, and they have shorter sleeves. They are great if you just want to walk to and from the beach and not inside a restaurant. They are considered sexier and more comfortable since you can expose your bikini with them. Neutral styles are common since you can match them with any color of bikini that you like.