Salwar suits are elegant and stylish. Achieving these though can be tricky. It’s a good thing we have got some tricks for you to use, so you can look magical in your salwar suits.

Normally, a magician never reveals his secrets, but we will, for you. Follow closely so you don’t miss a thing.

Picking the Right Salwar Suit

Naturally, it is crucial you pick the right salwar suit. You might be tempted to go for a style that is trending, but we advise that you go for a style that suits (Pun intended!) you.

Take your body structure into account before picking. A taller woman is suited to shorter salwar suits, whilst a more petite woman is suited to a longer salwar suit. Still, depending on your preference, you can switch it up. You can also pick up Casual Salwar Suits from Lashkaraa.

Also consider the neckline of your salwar suit before making your choice. You can go for a high collar, a keyhole neckline, etc, as part of trending necklines. You can also go for round neck, V-neck, etc.

You also have to ensure the fitting is correct; don’t pick ill-fitted suits just because it is trendy. Fitted salwar suits give you a statement look. Long salwar suits should stop at the ankle, with adorning embroidery. This should be the maximum. The correct fitting is very important for pulling off an ethnic look.

Accessories, Accessories

It is important to know which accessories to use depending on the function you’re wearing your salwar suits to, as this will help you blend in, yet stand out. For smaller occasions, it is best for you to use simple jewelry.

All About the Dupatta

Pairing your salwar suits with a dupatta correctly can make or break your look. We like to think of the dupatta as the main accessory for wearing your salwar suits, and so this is our rule of thumb; go for contrast.

If your salwar suit is a plain one, a beautifully designed and embroidered dupatta will fit wonderfully. If your salwar suit is stylish, then go for a simple dupatta. Not following this rule of thumb will mean overdressing.


The footwear you should pick should mainly be a function of the length of your kameez; a longer kameez means you should go for flats, and a shorter one should see you going for heels or wedges. Remember, your footwear should complement your look, not call attention to it negatively.

Sleeves and Prints on the Salwar Suits

Prints on your salwar suits help in making a fashion statement, and you should decide on which one to use based on the occasion and the style of your salwar suits. If you are going for parties, galas, etc, it is better to go with large, stoned prints. For small and casual gatherings, smaller prints are best.

For your sleeves, the latest trends tilt towards using long sleeves, but we advise you to use the sleeves that accentuate your look. You can go sleeveless if you have small, slender arms, and you can use sleeves if you are busty and you have larger arms. To avoid looking boring, you can use a flounce sleeve, instead of the regular ones.

Fabric Matters

The fabric of your salwar suit should be chosen based on the weather, the occasion and your body size. For people living in warmer climes, go for salwar suits made with rayon, cotton or linen fabrics. They are the best options if you want to keep cool.


There you go! It is important to follow the rules we have shown you, as they will help you look magical. Happy glamming-up!