These days, and certainly not before time, matters pertaining to mental health and well-being are now far more widely discussed, both in the media and amongst friends and family members.

There are, of course, myriad ways of looking to nurture and maintain a high level of emotional health, but perhaps one method that you may not have been previously aware of is how you choose to dress.

With that in mind, here is how to dress to boost your emotional health. 

Break Out of That Comfortable Clothing Zone

Another term for dressing to improve your levels of mental health and well-being is a fairly new one: ‘dopamine dressing’. 

Dopamine, one of the so-called ‘happy hormones’, is released when an individual is engaged in an exciting or thrilling activity that enables them to concentrate on the moment and enjoy where they are, both mentally and physically, right then and there.

The basic principle underlying dopamine dressing is, especially when you are feeling particularly low, to break out of your comfort zone in the context of the styles, colors, and designs of the clothes you usually wear, with the novelty of new clothes helping to make a real difference to how you feel. 

Working from Home Is No Excuse!

In recent years, there has been a significant shift for people working across the entire spectrum of industries to work from home, either part-time or full-time. As a result of this, and especially for those who rarely use video conferencing software, people’s outfits and, therefore, their productivity have both been negatively affected. 

Even if you spend every single working day on the phone and on your laptop and could, in theory, wear your comfiest pajamas all day, this can be harmful to not only how efficient you will be in your tasks but also your mental health.

Instead, begin the day as you would if you were leaving for work and commuting to the office with smart clothing, hairstyles, and lipstick on!

Choose Vibrant Floral Prints

Stunning and affordable, brightly colored and perfectly finished floral prints, both in sweaters and shirts and also nightwear, are a great way of embracing nature as you go about your daily business.

Take a look at the established and reputable designer for ideas and inspiration for floral prints that will inspire a happy and back-to-nature feeling, and treat yourself to a soft, cozy, and fashionable floral item. 

Understand the Connection Between Mood & Color

Finally, and especially for those who usually gravitate to dark colors and all-black outfits, it is also time to educate yourself on the fascinating and intricate connection between how color can affect mood, especially when it comes to your clothing, shoes, and accessories. 

Often referred to as colorology, or alternatively chromotherapy, the correlation between, for example, wearing green shirts and sweaters and mental health manifests itself in encouraging a feeling of relaxation, feeling soothed and calm, and also highlighting an earthy connection to Mother Nature.