Everyone may think that choosing a man’s wedding ring is an easy affair, but not until they get on to buy one. Of course, it is a simple thing when compared to the many other arrangements you have to make for a wedding.

People also tend to think that a man’s wedding ring is a standard choice to make. However, with a lot of options regarding designs, material, and size, buying a wedding band for a man can be a confusing affair.

The questions asked in this regard are many, and they include the likes of:

  • Whether to opt for a ring or a band
  • Which design will be best suited for the occasion?
  • Price of the wedding ring/band
  • Diamond encrusted gold, silver or platinum?

Everything else is tied to the cost, and further in this article, we will try to explore more details about various types of men’s wedding bands in light of its cost.

Cost of men’s wedding bands


Various factors are affecting the cost of men’s wedding rings. This largely depends on what kind of a band you are searching for. There are options to choose from as per the requirements of different people regarding budget and their spending power. This guide will discuss specifically wedding bands from most to the least expensive.

The costs mentioned below are not exact and is a ballpark figure at the time of writing the article to give a fair idea of the average price. You have the option to choose from a wide array of options as far as variety and designs are concerned and about their respective prices.

1.Diamond encrusted bands

Cost: $1500 – $1800

If you are looking for the premium diamond embedded wedding bands, being conscious about the budget does not make sense. There are many top-line wedding bands in this sector which come in various designs. The cost may vary based on the type of the ring and choice of diamonds. You also have the option to custom-design these wedding rings based on your tastes.

The metal used can be gold, platinum, or silver as you prefer. A diamond-encrusted platinum ring may be the priciest option to choose. If you are fond of diamonds, but cannot go for cost as high as platinum, then gold or tungsten may be ideal choices.

2.Platinum rings

Cost: $1000- $1200

Platinum wedding bands are the most rapidly selling items at https://www.mensweddingbands.com in the wedding ring category. Platinum holds up better over time compared to gold even if it is weaker in consistency than gold.

This can be better understood with the help of an example. Let us say, you may easily find a scratch on gold and when platinum ring will develop an effect called “patina,” which will give a cool antique look to it as it gets older. So, unlike gold or silver, the scratches and dents on the platinum ring will also look much fashionable and elegant to look at.

Although costlier than gold, platinum wedding bands are super cool if you can afford them. If you are on a budget, it is not necessary to purchase a platinum ring from the brand stores itself, but you can also explore some of the local jewelry shops in your region.

3.Palladium men’s wedding bands

Cost: $600-$700

Palladium is comparatively a newer entry to the domain of wedding bands. It got its “precious metal” status only in the year 2010. Palladium also looks more like platinum; however, there are a few significant differences between both. Palladium is mixed with gold to be called as white gold. This metal is also lighter than platinum and maintains its look for years without much maintenance.

Palladium in the form of wedding band is sturdier and retains its good shape for long. However, on the downside, palladium bands may be a bit harder to find at stores when compared to platinum, gold or silver.

There are only a few artisans who are experts to handle palladium as it is remarkably new in the market. So, it is also necessary to check with the jewelers to see if they are comfortable to work with palladium and can also offer you after sale support and maintenance.

4.Gold wedding bands

Cost: $500

While shopping for men’s wedding bands, you can find the most number of options in gold. You may be tempted to go for the highest karat golden rings, which means that you are going for the purest quality. However, this is not a very good decision to make regarding buying a ring. Gold is a very delicate metal in its purest form and may get bent and worn out easier. Higher the karat rating, scratchier it would be. So, it is ideal to go for 14k or 18k, which is regarded as ideal for a ring.

There is not much of a difference between 14k and 18k gold that can be detected with the naked eye. With this, you can save some money and also minimize the wear and tear over time.

When it comes to gold, you can also opt for yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold aside from other options. There is not much of a difference regarding quality and finish, but this is more likely a personal preference to make.

5.Tungsten wedding rings

Cost: $250

Tungsten is also another top choice in the budget category wedding rings. If you want to skip the traditional and premium option, but want something fashionable and unique, tungsten will be an ideal choice. The color of tungsten bands may be gray or classy black. You can also get white; however, the damages will appear prominent on white.

As a metal, tungsten is much harder than titanium or steel. Tungsten is also a style aside from being the strongest and a reliable metal. It has a different look and feels than gold, platinum, or palladium. On the positive side, tungsten rings are much cheaper and easily available. You can even embed tungsten ring with over sized diamonds to make it stand out.

You can find many varieties and options as far as the above five metal categories are concerned. And it is always better to try all and identify which one best suits not just your aesthetic preference but also your budget. There are many online stores displaying men’s wedding bands, where you can see the latest designs and trends.