Are you always find it challenging to match accessories with your outfit perfectly? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. These days, we are all about choosing and wearing key fashion accessories that bring glam to most basics of dresses. Whether it’s your favorite handbag, go-to jewelry set, or a lovely pair of shoes, they won’t do much for your attire if you don’t know which ones to wear. When choosing fashion accessories, many things can go wrong. You can go overboard or match everything from top to bottom. Luckily, we’ve gathered some key tips from experts to help you understand how to wear fashion accessories the right way.

Before delving deep into the whole exciting process of choosing fashion accessories, it is important to know your personal style first. After all, the key to looking your best is not in following the latest fashion trends but in identifying your kind of style. How do you express yourself? What are your usual aesthetic choices when it comes to clothing, hairstyle, and more importantly, accessories? The way you put an outfit together will impact the accessories you will be picking. You may be someone who goes all out and don several accessories at once. Or you may prefer to, say, just slap on a Robert coin bracelet to go well with your go-to sleek, black dress and you are all set for the occasion. Whatever your preference is, the following tips will help you every step of the way. 

1. Select a Signature Accessory

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of choices when it comes to accessorizing. Over-accessorizing is not stylish, so what to do? The easiest way is to settle on a single statement piece that works wonders with all outfits. For instance, you may pair gorgeous statement cluster diamond earrings or medium-sized drop earrings with almost all sorts of basic to fancy outfits. Similarly, a pair of nude statement pumps look chic with skirts, loose pants, and even midi dresses.

2. Up Your Ring Game

Rings are must-have accessories because they subtly steal the attention from your outfit to your beautiful hands. We recommend keeping a fine collection of the rings with various designs to rock at every event. Are you bored of your same old rings? Unique new gold rings just arrived at Dreamland Jewelry, and you will love every one of them. The rings are those go-to accessories that naturally fit in with your clothes. For instance, you can always rock classic bands or Claddagh rings with casual or street looks. You can pair a statement cocktail ring with one or two contemporary rings for fancier or semi-formal looks.

3. Make Shoes the Star of the Shoe

Women and footwear have been friends for a long time, and why shouldn’t they? Shoes are one of the best accessories a person can have. Would you believe there are over a hundred types of footwear with thousands of variations? Therefore, when choosing the most fashionable one, take your outfit and occasion into consideration. For instance, the formal event calls for heels, strappy, and open-toe shoes. When you are wearing a dress, it is essential to give yourself that extra lift. The shoes with color contrast seem incredibly stylish, especially when bright-colored shoes are paired with neutral dresses. With loud colors like bold yellow, neon, and orange, you can make a fashion statement with just your shoes.

4. Style Your Outfits with Belts

When you can’t avoid wearing too many layers, belts are your go-to accessories for trimming the look. If you wear the belt properly, it will accentuate your curves and balance the proportions in your outfit. If you wear long tunics but are tired of looking shapeless, then the belt is the fashion accessory for you. Pop a chunky belt over the top, pair them with orange strappy sandals, and voila! Not only a tunic, but you can cinch any dress that’s hiding your curves with a belt that stands out. You may choose a croc-embossed belt, braided belt, or even a chain belt and wear it over many dresses

5. Choose Hats According to Your Face Shape

Hats are indeed overlooked a lot but wearing the right one can instantly glamourize your outfit. They may all look the same for you, but the right hat will accentuate your face’s best features. For instance, suppose you have a square face that has strong angular facial features. Try wearing sun hats, floppies, or a cloche to soften those edges and make your face look longer. Don’t know what to do with your diamond-faced shape? Simply accessorize it with shallow crowns or pull-on to lessen the potential of a shortened face. The hats are great fashionable accessories, so keep a good stock of beanie hats, wide brims, sunhats, and fedoras.

6. Learn to Style Your Handbag

Who can forget handbags when discussing fashionable accessories? They are not just stylish but functional as well. Almost every woman is tempted to have at least half a dozen bags to complement the outfits. We are done with matching handbags and shoes and choosing killer color contrasts. So, what’s trending? Tote bags and purses, vintage luggage styles, duffle handbags, rich shades of suede shoulder bags, double loop bags, clasped frames clutches. Take them to a party or simply use them for work; the handbags are there to make you look stylish at any time.


Accessorizing is essential when trying to rock a fashionable look. Shoes, bags, scarves, jewelry, and even belts – all these accessories work hard to elevate even the simplest of looks. Therefore, remember to go for color contrasts, especially for shoes and bags. Consider when to balance proportions and when to go all-out to make a fashion statement. Finally, always keep a few statements and go-to fashionable accessories ready for every occasion.