Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12th.

Everyone loves a handmade card and if your short on funds, totally go that route. But if you’ve graduated past this stage, get your mom something that’ll make her feel like the sophisticated beauty she is.

We’re talking about timepieces.

Before the 20th century, wristwatches were made primarily for women. In fact, the first was made in 1868 for the Countess of Hungary. No wonder they carry such an air of polish and elegance.

Make your mom feel like royalty when you gift her with one of the top 10 women’s watches of 2019.

1. Audemars Piguet

To kick off this list of women’s watches, we’ll start with the feat of architecture that is the Audemars Piguet Flying Tourbillion. With over 300 brilliant-cut diamonds, this concept watch will make any mother feel like a queen. This piece of art seeks to create something that is truly distinctive in the world of women’s wrist wear.

Not in your budget? Look for pieces that are designed to be unique to capture the nature of the brand.

2. Lady Arpel Planetarium Watch by Vancleef and Arples

This watch by Vancleef and Arples is truly a piece of art. The collection, Poetic Complications, are Haute Couture adventures of diamonds and precious metals. At one-quarter of a million dollars, this watch may be best suited as a museum piece rather than a Mother’s Day gift. 

But fear not.

Use this luxury piece as inspiration on your hunt.

3. Skagen

Similar to the Daniel Wellington brand, Skagen offers chic pieces that are beautiful and versatile. The bands are a stylish mesh, a trend among popular women’s watches. These pieces are ageless. At its affordable price, grab one for your mom and yourself or the woman in your life.

4. Daniel Wellington

These bands are the perfect gift for the minimalist as well as the fashionista mama. Their mesh bands and gold trim go well with any style and accessory. Grab these in classic black and gold or silver and white. 

5. Baume & Mercier’s Petite Promesser

The Petite Promesser is a simple watch that will complement any style. The vibrant wrist bands enliven the spirit and wrap twice for a stacked look. This watch is great for the youthful mom-about-town.

6. Timex

Timex offers a stylish brand of watches without breaking the bank. The array of bands cover any taste and any wardrobe needs. If you are looking to upgrade your gift try replacing the band with something a bit more chic.

Barton watch bands boast a collection of unique choices that will change the look of any timepiece. They even carry bands for smartwatches. You can upgrade the look of any watch with the change of a band.

7. Olivia Burton

Olivia Burton is a beautiful timepiece that would look beautiful on any mother’s wrist. The brand is ultra feminine without being girly. These floral pieces suit the businesswoman and the eclectic artist alike.

8. Nacre

Nacre creates stylish watches that are the definition of minimal. Their designs boast blank watch faces with golden or silver trim and simple leather bands. Looking for something custom? Nacre offers the ability to mix and match their designs to create a personalized gift for mom.

9. Mintapple Watch

Got a mommy on the move? Grab an apple watch for her this Mother’s Day. The Mintapple comes with a stylish mesh band that is chic and on trend. This wearable tech is a great addition to any wardrobe for active moms.

10. MVMT

These watches add a masculine charm without being overly so. The minimal design features a marble watch face with sleek gold trim and rustic colored leather band. This is a gift that will delight any recipient.

Top 10 Women’s Watches of 2019

Buying gifts for the one you love doesn’t have to be a struggle. Noting their style and curiosities goes a long way when gift season comes around. Any of the top 10 women’s watches are timeless, elegant, and sure to give your mom a smile.

After the dinner has been eaten and the tears of gratitude are wiped, don’t forget about dad. Father’s Day is Sunday, June 16th.

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