Feminism and gender equality are certainly good, but trendy dresses are even better. In this article, we offer you a selection of the most fashionable and popular dresses of this season, most of which, by the way, will be popular in the next season as well. Let’s begin.

Polka Dot Dress

Polka dot dresses are a definite hit of this season. And yes, this is another legendary comeback from the nineties. The most popular combination is a black dress in white dots, and vice versa, however, many designers also experiment with other colors. The size of the dots’ pattern may also be different. Large dots look good on silk dresses, making them more vintage, and small ones go well with cotton fabrics.

Hoodie Dress

This spring, a hoodie dress will become an indispensable element of a casual style. Choose dresses of the most trendy colors, such as bright red or classic blue. Ladies 40+ should also not give up on a trendy novelty – just select a suitable color, for example, dark green or khaki.

Plissed-Skirt Dress

Another strong trend for this summer is pleated skirts. And dresses with a pleated skirt, too, of course. As for the colors and styles, the most fashionable options are dresses with a narrow top and open neckline plus a flared pleated skirt of short or medium length. Those colors that are popular for skirts are also popular for dresses – it is white, beige, champagne, milk, and peach.

Dress in a Bow

Bows that were recently considered a sign of bad manners, and an attribute suitable only for little girls, became fashionable again this year. At the same time, designers do not limit their imagination to artificially invented frames. They offer to tie a belt around the dress with a bow, sew bows directly to the belt and shoulders, add ties to the collar of the dress to get a bow again. Any dress that has a bow or that can be complemented with a bow will be fashionable this spring and summer. So, you don’t even have to buy something new – most likely, you already have a dress that can be freshened up with a bow and turned into a fashionable novelty with your own hands.

Floral Dress

Floral dresses return to the catwalks from the 90s again. At the same time, the style of the dress practically does not matter. This can be a dress of medium length with closed sleeves, a light sundress with an open neckline, or a dress with a high waist and a flared skirt. The most important thing in this dress is its floral pattern. Both large and small flowers, images of leaves, and twigs on dresses will be equally advantageous.

Dressing Gown

And here is another evidence in favor of the cyclical fashion. A dress made on the model of a dressing gown is again becoming popular, as it was about 30 years ago. Moreover, this dress is a great opportunity to put on several trends at once, for example, if you choose a dress in a polka dot pattern in trendy black, red or white.


The shirt-dress replaced the t-shirt dress from the previous season. This spring, these dresses are especially popular, as they meet the main requirement of modern fashion – convenience and comfort in every detail. This is a universal option that is suitable for any occasion and type of figure. It is very easy to turn a shirt-dress into a romantic option with a belt and heels or get a fashionable sports outfit by wearing it with sneakers. In this case, the dress can have a striped, pea, checkered, and even floral pattern. This is exactly the case when several trends met each other in one solution.

Total Black Eco-Leather Dress

Eco-leather is on the list of top materials for sewing clothes 2020. And if before a tight-fitting leather dress was associated with something not very decent, today it is fashionable and environmentally friendly. Yes, these dresses are suitable for girls with a perfectly proportional figure, and yet, the leather material and black color can hide small flaws. In any case, this is a rather bold decision.

Long Sleeve Dress

It has also become fashionable to cover your arms with long sleeves. Such dresses look rather modest and restrained, but still beautiful. As a rule, dresses with long sleeves also cover the legs just below the knees and this is a great thing to create a modest, but dignified and fashionable look. These models blend perfectly with half-boots with medium and wide heels.