Every year, Americans are digging themselves into debt. You have mortgages, personal loans, credit cards, student loans, and car loans. What you need to know is that most Americans have a combination of these debts.   

The collective debt of Americans surpassed the $4 trillion mark in 2019. Experts attribute the increase to rising credit card debt amounting to $41 billion+. They also attribute the increase to strong holiday spending in 2018.   

To ensure your credit score remains good, you must pay off your debt.   

Want to know the best way to pay off debt?  

Read on and learn how to pay off your debt as soon as possible. 

Cut Your Spending

How much do you spend on rent, utility bills, tuition, gas, car repairs, eating out, ordering in and more? If you take a good look at how you spend your money, you will discover that most of it is spent on non-essential items.    

Want to pay off your debt and have a good credit score? Cut your spending. Instead of eating out or ordering in, cook at home. Also, avoid buying items you do not need – clothes, electronics, and shoes.   

Don’t forget to live within your means.   

Stop Using Your Credit Cards

The fastest way to pay off debt is by not using your credit cards. As you shop and swipe, your balance increases. Not only that. The bank charges you a steep cash advance fee and a steep interest rate. 

The interest rate begins to accumulate immediately and increases your balance. If you have a hard time letting go, take a pair of scissors and cut the cards.

Learn more about consolidating debts and debt relief company reviews.  

Budget and Track Your Spending

A budget allows you to plan how your income will be spent for the coming month. By creating such a plan, you get to know if you have enough money to spend and save. Simply put, the plan allows you to balance your income and expenses.  

It is important to track your spending every day, week and month. As such, you can avoid splurging. Remember, create a budget that fits with your personality.  

Start a Side Hustle

Are you a skilled coder, graphic designer, web designer, photographer or writer? There are thousands of gigs available online.   

All you have to do is create your profile on Upwork and start bidding. By spending a couple of hours a day completing such projects, you get to earn money. 

The extra money earned can go towards paying off debt. 

Pay off Debts with a High Interest First

Most people prefer the debt snowball method when it comes to settling debts. This is where a person pays off debts with the smallest balance first. Looking for the best way to pay off debt?  

We recommend the debt avalanche method. With this method, you get to pay debts with high-interest rate first before paying those with low interest. After paying your debts, you begin focusing on saving the extra money for a rainy day.  

Pay off Your Debt and Have a Great Credit Score

There are more ways to pay off debt. For instance, pay off your debt by doubling your payments, or use windfalls such as tax refund. By clearing your debts, you get to improve your credit score and live a debt free life. 

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