Are you getting bored of your same old work out routine?

Sometimes changing up your weight loss workout plan can show different results and not make you sick of working out. 

There are many different options for someone who is ready to make a change before they get burnt out.

Continue reading about 7 effective ways you can lose weight with a fun new plan. 

7 Weight Loss Workout Plans That Won’t Disappoint 

Running the same speed on a treadmill or the same path every day can become tedious and not be as motivating to do over time. It is essential to throw in different weight loss plans into your routine so that you don’t get burnt out. 

Below are fun plans that you can integrate into your workout regimen to make things interesting and challenging again. 

1. Interval Training

Interval training has become a great way to lose weight. The goal of this weight loss workout plan is to raise your heart rate quickly and then let it come down, repeating the process after.

An example of this would be doing sprints (to raise your heart rate), and then once it is higher, you walk to lower your heart rate. It is crucial to allow recovery when doing this workout plan so that you don’t injure yourself. 

2. Weight Training

This is an excellent workout plan if you want to build muscle and effectively burn fat. There have been studies that have shown lifting weights burns more calories and continues to burn calories even when not working out.

It is important to build up your muscles before lifting heavier amounts so that you don’t hurt yourself. It is also suggested to change up your workout routine so that other areas do not become weak and to give your muscles proper rest.  

3. Jump Rope

Jump roping is a fun way to work out that can show impressive results. This is a cheap and easy way to work out if you don’t want to buy a gym membership. All you need is a good jump rope and some room. 

Jump roping raises your heart rate quickly, making it an effective weight loss plan. 

4. Running

Running has always been a top contender of effective work out plans, and for a good reason. Running burns a lot of calories and is great for bone health. It builds up endurance and can lengthen your life span.

Taking rest days are important so that you don’t hurt yourself and give your muscles a chance to rebuild. One of the best ways to rest is by taking warm baths. Click here to transform your bathroom into a place you will enjoy resting in. 

5. Yoga

Yoga is an excellent workout plan if you don’t want to lift weights or get bored with running. Many people use yoga as a means of meditation, making it a great way to lose weight and unwind from a hectic life. 

Yoga has been shown to increase weight loss and even prevent weight gain. There are many forms of this exercise plan that you can choose. 

6. Swimming

Now that it is warmer outside, you can turn beach days into workout days as well. Swimming is easier on your muscles and can burn a lot of calories. 

Many people who get sore easily opt for swimming exercises because they don’t hurt joints as much.  

7. Boxing

Boxing is a fun way that you can learn self-defense and lose some major weight. Many gyms offer inexpensive boxing classes. Boxing can be a lot of fun, especially if you have a friend or family member to practice with.

Get Moving

Don’t let the same old weight loss workout plan bore you anymore; try practicing different ways to lose weight to keep things interesting. Working out can be a fun experience and a way to bond with friends and family. 

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