Let’s get physical, the song goes. The lyrics also talk about hearing our bodies talk. That’s exactly what we need to do after a workout. When you’ve pushed your muscles hard, they need time to recover.

Listening to your body and giving it the things it needs will help speed recovery. That means you’ll be raring to go in no time. It’s also going to reduce the chances of you hurting yourself. 

Looking after your body after your workout is a sure way to reduce the risks. So, come off the pec dec for a moment and we’ll take you through the best muscle recovery tips.

Rehydrate and Rehydrate Again

When you’re exercising your body loses a lot of fluid. It’s always best to increase your fluid intake while you’re working out. Drinking more when you’ve finished your exercise is also going to help your recovery.

Water naturally helps our metabolisms to work properly. It aids the transfer of nutrients within the body. Drinking more is important for athletes who lose large quantities of water through sweating and need to replace that fluid.

Fuel Your Body with the Right Foods

Your body needs the right nutrients post-workout if it’s going to recover efficiently. There’ll be muscle tissue that needs repairing and that requires additional protein. 

If you’ve been pumping the iron, it’s best to take in some extra protein within an hour of finishing your workout. Skinless, grilled chicken breast would be a perfect choice or a high-quality protein shake. 

If you’re training for a half or full marathon then you should increase your intake of complex carbohydrates after training. Avoiding junk food is always the best option. It needs to be replaced with healthier alternatives.

Be Smart About the Way You Train

If you’re trying to build up strength, then hammering you’re body day after day is the wrong way to do it. Muscles can take anywhere from twenty-four to forty-eight hours to repair.

Working out again too quickly just means you’ll break down more tissue rather build more muscle. If you’re lifting weights it’s a mistake to work out the same muscle group two days in a row.

Improve Your Blood Circulation

If your blood circulation is working at peak performance then you’re going to make a speedier recovery after your workout. You may also feel less sore. Here are some common ways used to improve your circulation.

Using Compression Gear

Compression garments are designed to boost oxygen levels around muscle tissue. They help the blood flow to the right places to improve the recovery of muscle tissue. 

Different compression sleeves are available for different parts of the body. Wearing compression arm sleeves during and post workout is the perfect way to set your muscles on the road to recovery more quickly.

Cold Water Immersion or Cryotherapy

Some athletes take ice baths after their workouts. This is believed to constrict the blood vessels and flush out waste products you don’t need. 

Immediately afterward, a hot shower or bath is taken. This causes increased blood flow and is believed to speed up circulation which helps the healing process. 

Alternating Hot and Cold Showers

Often ice baths aren’t readily available. Some gym-goers swear by alternating between cold and hot showers. They’ll take two minutes under a hot shower and then thirty seconds under a cold shower, repeating the process three to four times.

Sleep More

When you’re asleep, lots of things are going on in your body. Think of sleep as a vital part of your training program. It’s important that you always get enough sleep between workouts. This is vital you’re trying to lose weight.

Your body makes growth hormone while you sleep. It’s the main thing that’s behind tissue growth and repair.  

Taking a brief nap after a workout will also help the body restore itself. It’s a great way to let your muscles recover more quickly. 

Have a Massage

You may be thinking, ‘Oh no. More expense.’ But it doesn’t have to be that way. Massages not only feel great but they’re another proven way to improve circulation and get more blood to the muscles that matter.

You can actually give yourself massages by using foam rollers. There are plenty of exercises to try out. At the same time, you’re going to feel more relaxed, especially as you’re not having to pay for the privilege.

Stretch to Speed Recovery

Stretching regularly is going to help your flexibility. When you work your muscles hard, your body produces lactic acid. This is what can make the muscles feel tired and sore.

Stretching can help to eliminate the lactic acid that has built up inside the body. This can then relax the muscles. All of this is going to help you recover more quickly.

Time is always a great healer, especially when it comes to recovering from your gym sessions. If you’re trying to get fitter and stronger then you need to be patient. Instant results are the thing of fantasy.

Resting and taking your time is going to help your muscles recover naturally. It allows your body to repair itself at its own pace.

Listening to relaxing music is also beneficial. Reduce the beat and that will help you to relax. It’s an effective way to lower your blood pressure and heart rate after your workout.

Practice Meditation Techniques

Mental exercises compliment your physical training bringing huge benefits. Embarking on a mindfulness program will help you to relax, reduce anxiety and give you a more positive attitude.

You should always try and fit in some practices that are going to help you relax more. This is going to allow your body to recover more quickly and effectively.

Look After Yourself

If you have a busy life, it’s important to look after yourself. Working out is a great way to keep in shape and make yourself feel good. If you can speed recovery of your muscles then you’re more likely to get maximum benefits.

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