Developers designed weight loss apps to be convenient. In short, they’re programs that you can download on your smartphones or mobile devices, providing you with an easier and quicker way to track your lifestyle habits. That can refer to exercise and your calorie intake. In addition, other health apps even have innovative features, including the option to sync with a fitness or health device or app, barcode scanners, and support forums.

These features will help keep you motivated in reaching your weight loss goals. Most apps also earned the support of researchers. Different studies revealed that tracking your progress might encourage weight loss by increasing your awareness of your daily habits. Other apps also offer specific support for a particular population who follow keto, plant-based, and paleo diets.

Below are some weight loss apps that you can use to get rid of excess fats.

Lose It! App

Lose It! is an easy and user-friendly app that will help you track your weight and calorie intake. Upon opening the app, it’ll ask you to provide your fitness goals, age, and weight before calculating your daily calorie needs and providing a personalized weight loss plan. Once you’ve finalized your plan, you can easily log your food intake, pulling data from a vast database of brands, restaurants, and food items.

Lose It! also features a barcode scanner that you can use to food items into your log. It auto-saves the meals you frequently enter, so you can quickly pick them from the list every time you eat them. You’ll also get reports on your daily and weekly calorie intake.

Using the app to track your weight will provide a graph of any changes. It differs from the other weight loss apps because it has a “Snap It” feature to track your portion sizes and food intake by taking pictures. Different studies show that taking pictures of your meals will help you track your portion sizes more accurately and learn about trends in your dietary intake. Both are essential components for promoting weight loss.

It also has an online community forum that allows you to join challenges with other users. Or it can be the best place to find fitness instructors that received a personal training CEUS.

You can also use that forum to clarify your concerns and share information you think will help other users. You can download the app for free, but the access to premium features starts from $9.99 to $39.99 per year.

Fitbit App

One of the easiest ways to lose weight is tracking your exercise and lifestyle habits by using a wearable activity tracker, and that’s where Fitbit comes in handy. It’s a wearable device that measures your activity throughout the day, making it an excellent tool for helping you track your physical activity. Like other wearables, it can record the number of stairs climbed, miles walked, and steps taken. It can also measure your heart rate.

Using Fitbit will give you access to its app, where you can find your synced physical information. You can also track your weight goals, sleeping habits, and water and food intake. Like Lose It!, Fitbit also has an online forum that allows you to stay connected with family and friends using the app. You can also join different games and share your progress if you want.

Depending on the wearable device you use, you can set reminders or alarms to get up and work out. You’ll also receive notifications about your progress in reaching your fitness goals for the day. It’ll also allow you to track your calorie and water intake to ensure you stay hydrated and on the right track.

Maximizing the app’s features starts with buying the Fitbit, which can be expensive. But the app is free, with in-app purchases that range from $9.99 for a monthly subscription to $79.99 for a yearly subscription.


Noom is another popular weight loss app that can trim down by making sustainable lifestyle choices. It’ll also provide you with the calorie intake you’ll have to follow for the day based on your answers to its health and lifestyle-based questions. It’ll also depend on your weight loss goals, sex, height, and current weight. Noom will also allow you to log exercise, weight, and other important health indicators, like blood sugar levels.

You’ll also get virtual health coaching, which will teach you valuable tools and offer motivational games that you should complete daily. Developers designed this app to help you build a healthier connection with exercise and food. Its price ranges from $59 for their monthly plan to $199 for the annual plan.

Today, you can find numerous health apps that will aid you in reaching your weight loss goals. Hence, you’ll have to experiment with a few platforms to find your best match.