If you’re working out religiously and yet to see results, you might be doing something wrong. Here are a few common mistakes and what to do to avoid it.

Not Getting Sufficient Sleep

This might catch you by surprise, but apart from making your reflex slower, your creativity almost in existent and your body fatigued throughout the day (all of which you already knew, we’re sure), not getting sufficient sleep can also be a major reason for why you are still struggling to lose weight, or why you look bloated. As an adult, aim to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. Head to bed every night around the same time to help your body fall into a routine. Make sure your bedroom is comfortable and meets all your requirement to fall asleep deeply. You can even opt to do a before bed yoga routine (which can last around 15 minutes) as a part of your nightly routine that will promote better sleep.

Following A Meal Plan That Doesn’t Suit Your Body

More people than you’d imagine making this mistake of following a food plan that wasn’t actually designed to suit their body type. This often happens when “helpful” friends or relatives share their own weight loss routines with you and insist you try it out. Actually, weight loss plans are designed carefully to suit each individual, considering their age, weight and height, metabolic rate and even their bodily restrictions. Always opt to consult a professional if you’re planning on following a weight loss meal plan. Remember that you can seriously damage your body by eating, or not eating, the things your body needs.

Not Hydrating Yourself Enough

Even the barest research online will let you know the importance of properly keeping your body hydrated. It is especially important to keep your body hydrated when you’re working out or exercising, not only in order helps your muscles regenerate after a workout, but also to make your workout more efficient. This inevitably helps out with you losing weight, as there are fewer chances of your not working out the next day due to muscle soreness.

Eating The Wrong Pre And Post Workout Foods

The internet is a pretty interesting place; where both the knowledgeable and the unknowing can advice you in the most convincing manner. Unfortunately, this means that just like the well-meaning friends that guide you to the wrong meal plan, you can also get misguided to the wrong pre and post workout meals. To avoid this, always ask a professional for advice, or stick the known. Your gym trainer, for example, is a good source to consider, as he or she will have plenty of experience in it.

Giving Up Too Fast Or Having Too Many Cheat Days

This may seem obvious, but most people don’t seem to realize that a cheat day is only supposed to last a day, and only within reason. Ask yourself how often you give yourself a cheat day. If you had a party to attend on a weekday, do you still have your cheat meal day on the weekends? Simple things like this can go a long way to foil your plans of achieving your body goals.