In the twenty-first century, fitness is an essential part of any person’s life. But what happens when your desire to have a fit-bod collides with your ethical eating. Many people doubt that a diet that doesn’t have meat in it can be good for your physical health, but this is a misconception. A vegan diet won’t affect your fitness routine in any way. You just need to know exactly what to look for when shopping for groceries. Here are some words of advice if you want to try vegan fitness.

Will vegan food affect muscle growth?

A lot of people decide not to go for a vegan diet because it might affect their gym progress. Contrary to this popular opinion, eating vegan food won’t stop you from perfecting your physique. In fact, plants have everything you might need to increase muscle mass. Consuming enough plant protein isn’t all that difficult if you get the right food. There is an entire list of them on many parts of the internet.

To meet your daily protein requirements, you can choose from protein-rich plants like lentils, beans, tofu, whole grains and many more. It’s good to be aware of good sources of protein when working out on a vegan diet. The amount of protein per serving might not be the most precise method. If you are having doubts about reaching your protein intake goals, consult a dietitian. They will help you determine if you need a larger intake.

Not all vegan food is good food

The most important aspect of a healthy lifestyle is the food you eat. Some people think opting for a vegan lifestyle means they are avoiding unhealthy food. This isn’t always the case. A vegan diet is somewhat healthier than a regular diet, but that depends on your choice of food. Not all vegan groceries are necessarily healthy, as eating anything in excess can be bad for you. There is even a category of vegan food that is called vegan junk food.

To stay fit, you have to consume the right kind of plant-based foodstuffs. Eating vegan cheeseburgers won’t keep you in good shape. What really determines how healthy a food is what it contains in terms of protein, healthy fats and vitamins. A snack can lack all ingredients taken from animals while still not having any of these elements. You also have to watch out for calories. Any large number of calories will make you gain weight, whatever the source of it might be.

Supplements are your friends

Like a cherry on top, adding supplements to your diet can make it even healthier. You might find it a bit challenging to get enough vitamin B12 on a plant-based diet. If you aren’t getting enough vitamin B12, you might feel slow and sluggish. It is a non-issue, though. You can easily get it either from fortified food or supplement pills.

When heading to the gym, you’ll always bring your protein powder with you. After more intense workouts, you’re going to need more healthy carbohydrates than usual. A good addition to your protein shake would be banana slices or various berries.

You might have food withdrawals

Nowadays, environmental awareness is spreading like wildfire. People all over the globe are trying to decrease their carbon footprint. A great way to do this is taking on a vegan diet. What happens if you make that decision suddenly? Switching from animal-based food to strictly vegan food isn’t the easiest thing to do. The food you eat is much like a drug. Suddenly ending meat intake can have consequences.

Your body is used to eating a certain kind of diet, and changing that will irritate it. You might feel like you’re in a state of withdrawal. That doesn’t mean you’ll be waking up at night in cold sweats, but it will affect you. You just have to hold out for a bit longer, and your body will soon adjust.


In conclusion, a vegan diet is perfectly compatible with a healthy fitness routine. Many famous bodybuilders and models are on a vegan diet. With the right pointers, anyone can handle a rigorous workout schedule and still keep their ethical eating habits.