A healthy lifestyle is perhaps the best trend of the century. However, it may be quite difficult to eat only low-sugar high-protein dishes all the time. Cheat meals are necessary for our organisms, but there’s a thin line between a healthy cheat meal and a harmful gastronomic experience. Instead of going to the nearest fast-food, you can make your own pizza and make sure that every ingredient really deserves to get inside your stomach. 

1. No-Yeast Pizza Dough 

In fact, there is no proof that ordinary dietary yeast is harmful to the human body. Moreover, it even adds the nutrition value to your meals. However, in some cases, your doctor can recommend you to exclude yeast from your diet to avoid unwanted interferences with particular medicines.

2. Ham 

Ham is rich with protein and includes less fat than sausages, bacon, or beef. Three ounces of ham may include just around 7 grams of fat, which is ok even for a strict low-fat diet. In addition, ham perfectly matches the majority of popular toppings. 

3. Parmesan 

It is usually used for adding additional flavor to pizza, but you can use it to replace the regular, fatty mozzarella. Parmesan cheese includes significantly less fat than any other cheese, and it’s also the leader in protein and calcium. Of course, it doesn’t provide such a creamy texture as mozzarella, but it’s a much healthier choice for pizza.

4. Pineapple

If you’re not the one who thinks that pineapple pizza fans must burn in hell and you want a healthy sweet topping, then you’re a lucky one. One pizza with pineapple includes the full recommended daily intake of manganese, which is an important nutrient that supports energy generation. Besides, it’s a powerful source of necessary vitamins, such as C and E. They stimulate our immune system, eyesight quality, and women’s health. 

5. Tomato Sauce

Basic tomato pizza sauce includes only 79 calories per cup. Heat-processed tomato is a source of lycopene that works as a remedy against cancer genes that can potentially affect the lungs, prostate, and stomach. Pizzaovenradar nutrition expert recommends you avoid tomato sauces that include more calories as it’s a sign that there is too much sugar in the composition. 

6. Garlic

Garlic is perhaps one of the best flavors in Italian cuisine. You can add crushed garlic to make all the ingredients unleash their true taste without adding many calories to the overall amount. Garlic is one of the best natural antioxidants that can help to lower cholesterol levels, prevent atherosclerosis, and decrease the probability of heart disease. This ingredient is also necessary during the COVID-19 pandemic as it stimulates the immune system.

7. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are surprisingly nutritious. They include only 15 calories per cup, while over 50% of this amount is protein. The high concentration of microelements can decrease the risk of prostate cancer. Another active element of most mushrooms is selenium, which is an effective remedy against excess free radicals in your blood. 

8. Chicken

Chicken breasts are the best friends of all sportspeople. The chicken meat is a low-fat source of protein that has a high absorption index. You can add as much of it as you want without worrying about consuming too much fat. However, if you want to order a chicken pizza, ask if it includes cream sauces as they usually add a critical amount of calories per portion. 

9. Spinach

Remember Popeye? He was absolutely right about the benefits of spinach. Healthy nutrition must include this green product as it’s one of the richest sources of vitamin K that plays an important role in blood clotting. Moreover, it provides around a dozen of flavonoids that knock out cancer cells. 

10. Broccoli

Broccoli is the king of vegetables as it’s full of folate, minerals, and important vitamins, such as A, C, and K. Its taste perfectly adapts to most pizza ingredients and ensures healthier food digestion. 

Care About Yourself

Did you know that pizza is not the only junk food type that you can turn into a healthy meal? You can replace junk food with many other goodies too! As a result, you won’t get tired of persistent healthy eating without poisoning your body with excess fats and sugar rushing. Always care about the foods you eat, and your body will thank you. 

In this article, Pizzaovenradar.com chief selected the healthiest pizza toppings for a harmless cheat meal. Mix them to your liking! If you want to stay home and achieve the best quality, pick up the best countertop pizza oven, and enjoy your meal with friends and family.