Souq, the largest E-commerce company has come up with an exciting offer on the brand new HP Envy x360 that will be a super light sale on your pocket. With maximum discount you can avail the laptop you always desired and also use Souq coupons for better offers and discounts. is the company of Amazon which is one of the largest E-commerce platforms in the United Arab Emirates that has made available its reach on the different sectors of the market.  There are various laptops with the best of features in the market.  At an easily affordable price with the best discount, you can avail the best Laptops in the market. Some of the exciting Souq laptop offer on HP Envy Laptops are as follows:

HP Envy 15 X360 Touchscreen Laptop – Intel Core i7, 15.6 Inch, 1TB, 16GB, Win 10, Silver

The all-new HP Envy 15 X360 Touchscreen Laptop has a stylish and the unique features and design that provide you with a maximum of productivity. With a great high-end Intel Core i7 processor, this laptop does the tasks quickly and efficiently. Its processing speed is the one feature that is most desirable. A 16GB RAM module allows you to multitask and hence make the work easier for you. It is suitable for all office and home works.

Also, it has got a potential hard disk of 1 TB that gives you the maximum of storage as one of the best features, its Windows 10 operating system makes the life a little easier. With its fun and interesting features like Cortana and Microsoft edge, it acts as an amazing assistant. A 15.6inch screen adorns vibrant colours and a high resolution.

Check out the brand new Stylish silver HP Envy laptop only on the special offer under Souq. By shopping with the Souq company save you some money for other goods too.

HP ENVY 15t Laptop – Intel Core i7-6500U, 15.6 Inch HD, 1TB, 8GB, 4GB VGA, Win 10, English Keyboard, Silver

HP Envy 15t Laptop has a variety of special features that make it capable to do challenging tasks very easily.  This laptop has been designed with an ergonomic keyboard and a touchpad that makes the typing and navigating an efficient task to accomplish. With the inbuilt Intel Core i7 6500U processor and a powerful 8GB RAM that makes it a brilliant performer. something which HP is known for. Also, you have Windows 10 as the operating system that delivers a fluid and responsive interface for better working, gaming, and multimedia. Also, its Windows 10 helps to give it a more fun and lively experience. Its 15.6inch wide diagonal screen and ultimate gives you a perfect experience of entertainment. With the best in the market, HP Envy Laptop gets a fabulous discount and save your 538.95 AED.

HP Envy M6 X360 Touchscreen Laptop – Intel Core i5, 12GB, 1TB, 15.6″, Win 10, Silver

The HP Envy M6 X360aai Laptop has an Intel Core i5 6th Generation that gives it the fastest of processing speed. The capacity storage of 12GB makes it more suitable for any kind of task and the inbuilt Hard disk of 1TB gives it an edge over other Laptops.

With the classic features of an HD Camera, WiFi and Windows 10 makes it irresistible to purchase. It has also got a 15.6” Touch Screen with vibrant colours and high resolution.

Avail the Silvering coloured Laptop at an amazing price of 2,778.00 AED  with an exciting discount of 2,833.95 AED. Hence, you save 55.95 AED under the exciting offers provided by the Souq company.

So hurry up and avail these exciting offers and buy yourself a fantastic laptop replacing your old one.