Have you ever downloaded sketchy online games?

Free online mobile games give their players hours of fun. Yet, since the games are free and often require you to download something, scammers and people who wish to put viruses or spyware onto your device.

So how do you identify which free online mobile games are legitimate and which have been designed to put harmful malware on your device? Fortunately, there are signs for which to watch out. Below, we go through the top 5 warning signs you should watch out for when it comes to downloading a free online game.

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1. Watch for Pop-Ups

Sometimes, when you peruse the internet and download free online mobile games, you’ll receive a pop-up notifying you that your phone has been infected with viruses. These messages aren’t indicators that your phone actually has a virus.

In fact, they’re commonly the virus itself, and if you click on the pop-up, the virus will start downloading on your phone. When this comes up, the best thing to do is get out of that web page and avoid downloading the game.

2. Be Wary of Upfront Fees

While “free online games” and “upfront fees” seem to be an oxymoron, there are people who ask users to pay one-time fees for supposedly unlimited free game downloads.

Usually, they then give you access to a bunch of files from torrent sites, where games are pirated and shared. Not only is online piracy illegal, landing you in potential legal trouble, these files often contain viruses and malware that you unknowingly download onto your advice.

3. Asking You to Change a Password

Sometimes, game scammers work by sending you an e-mail claiming to come from a game you’ve already downloaded.

It might ask you to change your password and include a link to a phony login page. As you enter your information, the page keeps track of what you entered, and scammers get your login credentials. They then can use this to get into your account on the game and any other accounts you have associated with that e-mail and password.

When you get these kinds of e-mails, don’t click on the link included in the e-mail. Instead, log onto the game itself and change your credentials there.

4. Beware of Cell Phone Scams

Have you ever played a mobile game that asked you to take certain quizzes in order to gain more credits or coins to use in the game?

Some of these quizzes are legitimate, but you should be wary if they ask you for your cell phone information. In the terms and conditions of these offers, it states that the game can charge you a monthly fee for a variety of services for which you don’t know you’re signing up.

5. International Call Scams

Sometimes, scammers offer mobile games for free, only to make international calls from your phone number.

International calls can be costly, so you might see an increase in your monthly phone bill. If you start seeing unexplained charges, look into it, as it could be part of a phone scam coming from your games.

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Want to Play Safe Free Online Mobile Games?

When you play free online mobile games, you always run the risk of downloading a virus or malware.

Usually, though, there are signs of these viruses of which to be aware. By knowing about the different types of scams, you can help you and your loved ones play good online games while staying safe.

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