Rummy has been a household game in Indian families for years. It used to be a perfect family time and one of the most popular games to pass time during long train journeys. Slowly, even though the game lost its charm, as electronic devices took over every minute of people’s lives, many gaming enthusiasts and startups have brought back the fun. As the idea was brought into life, many gaming companies developed Indian rummy with spectacular graphics that are soothing to the eye. The games ranged from beginners to expert level so that anyone interested can play it.

The Indian rummy games available on these websites are either free tournaments or cash rummy. The free tournaments are perfect for the beginners who have just recently started playing the game and are not familiar with every nifty trick of it. It gives you an environment to learn and grow, by inspecting the gameplay of all the professionals. The plentiful free games on the websites are a way to practice the game, while you can learn to devise your own gameplay and learn how to strategize your moves against the opponents. The main objective of the game is to form two sequences or sets, of which one has to be a pure sequence. The player who reaches 0 points first wins the game. Therefore, to reach the 0 points before your opponent does, you will need a strategy.

Is Rummy Online Games legal in India?

Many people have a misconception that playing cash rummy online is illegal in India. However, that is incorrect, as The Supreme Court of India has declared Indian Rummy as a “game of skills”, in 1968. Playing games of skill, under the court ruling, is considered as a business activity. So playing cash rummy online will not cause you any kind of legal trouble, as long as you belong from the states that allow you to play the game. However, five states in India, including Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland, Telangana, do not allow you to play cash rummy, following state laws. If you belong from these states or are a resident there, you can still play free rummy games online.

If you are from the rest of the states in India, you can play Indian rummy for cash without facing any trouble. The money you earn by playing these games is transferred to your bank account within a few hours or days. The cash transactions are done using secure SSL servers, which also does not cause any kind of legal troubles. Your payment and depositing money to websites will be safe, without any interventions from a third party. The cash rummy gaming websites make use of your debit or credit cards or net banking for the transaction process.

What all to know about online Indian rummy

If you are thinking of playing online cash rummy games make sure that you have enough experience in free rummy. Once you feel like you have the experience and a perfect strategy to win the games, you can proceed to play cash rummy online. However, you should start playing while keeping a thought in your mind that your opponent will be just as experienced as you. Therefore, whilst playing cash rummy you should keep in mind to invest a smaller amount so that even if you lose the game your bank account will not take a hit. Some of the websites allow the players to start depositing from as less as Rs. 100.

Mistakes beginners make in Indian rummy that leads them to lose the game

1. No practice:

Many players start playing cash rummy without having any practice. This leads them to lose a lot of money. Even if you know about rummy through and through, you cannot take any chances when there is money involved. So practice as many free tournaments as you like to make use of your theoretical knowledge of Indian rummy in an actual game against opponents.

2. Holding on to the cards for too long:

Another mistake that a newcomer in Indian rummy makes is that they hold on to high-value cards for too long. Holding onto them makes you lose more points when you lose the game when the objective is to lose as few points as possible. Make sure to discard the high-value cards, especially when you have a bad hand, on each of your turns.

3. Not keeping an eye on the opponent:

Most beginners concentrate on picking and discarding their own cards, not keeping an eye on what their opponents are doing. This is another one of the biggest mistakes. In Indian rummy, keeping an eye on what card your opponent is picking from the open pile gives you the idea of what sequence they are trying to form. Once you start worrying only about your game, your opponent gets an idea of your game plan and it becomes easier for them to win the game.

4. Discarding wild cards:

Wild cards could be your game savior. Do not discard any wild cards, because if you do you will miss out on an opportunity to form a sequence. The wild card helps you form an impure sequence, which when combined with a pure sequence could win you the game.

5. Not arranging the cards:

As soon as the game begins, your primary goal is to arrange all the cards properly. Many beginners do not do it and when they are too much into the game, it confuses them. Always arrange the cards properly once you receive your quota of 13 cards, it will make you see how you can form a sequence or a set. Arrange them by points and colors next. So that when the time comes to drop, you will not be confused.

Indian rummy is a game played for fun and entertainment. Do not take it too seriously and be aware of the money you are putting in the game. There is no reason to beat yourself over the games you lost. Whenever you feel like your chances of winning the game are low, just drop it, before you lose too much money in a game of cash rummy.