While we are all wonders of nature, sometimes we have to put up with minor imperfections. Teeth crowding is one such example. Crowding is a condition where teeth can twist, overlap and rotate, rather than growing straight. This causes the teeth to erupt in a confined space. The most common area for teeth crowding is either the top or bottom front 6 teeth, although it can occur in other areas. However, there’s no need to worry as there are treatments available for teeth crowding.


The orthodontist is the professional who is concerned with teeth alignment and the best orthodontist and braces in Sydney or in any other city are available only from an established clinic. The best solution is to make an initial appointment for the expert to examine you, then he or she can make treatment recommendations.

What Are the Causes?

Teeth crowding can be caused by disproportionate size of the jaw and the teeth, which is a genetic disposition; specific teeth might not have the space to erupt, so they twist and turn as the erupt, which results in crooked teeth. Premature loss of baby teeth is another cause of crowding and the sooner the child sees an orthodontist, the better. 

Best Treatments

If caught early, brace treatment can straighten the teeth. If you notice your child’s teeth are not erupting naturally, search online for a local orthodontist and make an introductory appointment. The orthodontist would take some X-Ray images that will enable them to decide on the best form of treatment and make another appointment. 


This is a clear plastic aligner that can be removed for eating and it is shaped by the orthodontist and might need to be changed 2 or 3 times during the treatment, depending on the outcome. Young people are very self-conscious, and most are not happy about the idea of wearing steel wire braces, whereas Invisalign is hardly noticeable, being made from clear plastic. Only the orthodontist can tell you whether Invisalign is the best treatment for your crowding and if it is, he or she would take impressions to create the device. When using Invisalign, it is imperative to wear the device at night, which optimises the outcome and as mentioned above, the orthodontist might change the device periodically.

Fixed Braces

There are attractive silver braces that are all the rage with teenagers; some even wearing them when not needed, which is not recommended. This type of brace is not removeable and does take some getting used to. Talk to your local orthodontist about treatment options and they can make you aware of all the options.

Oral Hygiene

While there are no real medical issues with teeth crowding, it can affect a person’s oral hygiene, making it difficult to reach between the teeth when brushing, while flossing can be difficult. People with crowding can easily develop tooth decay or even gum disease and it is better to have alignment treatment, regardless of your age. 

Of course, it is mainly young people who come for treatment, but there’s nothing to stop a middle-aged person having their smile straightened.