Before your baby was born, you likely had a pediatrician chosen. You knew your child would need their first check-up in that first week, with many visits throughout their first year. The thought of bringing your child to the dentist may never have crossed your mind.

Most babies get their first tooth between 4 and 7 months old and have all their teeth by the age of three. But many parents struggle to decide whether to bring their child to see a dentist and when. And while baby teeth do fall out, they still need the same care and attention as our own adult teeth. 

Your child may lose their first tooth at around five or six years old. So for the five or six years before they fall out, it’s important to keep these teeth strong and healthy. Read on to learn more about why bringing your child to see a pediatric dentist is so important.

Help Your Child Establish Strong Oral Health Habits Early

A pediatric dentist can help educate your child about the importance of oral health. They can explain why it’s so important that you brush their teeth, or if your child is old enough, can show them the proper way to brush and floss on their own. This can all be especially helpful if your child tends to be stubborn about or often refuse to let you brush their teeth at home.

Routine Check-Ups with a Pediatric Dentist Can Prevent Serious Issues from Developing

While you may be able to recognize signs that your child needs to see an eye doctor for an exam, it’s harder to recognize developing dental issues. Routine visits give your pediatric dentist the chance to identify and treat any emerging issues. A dentist can spot the start of a cavity, possible gum decay, or other issues. 

It’s important to get quick, proper treatment for any teeth or oral health issue your child may experience. These issues could become serious if left unnoticed. Healthy baby teeth are the foundation for healthy adult teeth, so early preventative care can have a positive effect for years.

Professional Dental Cleanings are Important for Maintaining Oral Health

We all know that amazing feeling we have after a dental cleaning. Our children deserve that same professional care and attention. While brushing and flossing at home is important, a dentist can do a more thorough job. 

Your child’s dentist can remove plaque build up that you can’t take care of at home. Plus, a pediatric dentist has specialized equipment and tools to help reach all your child’s teeth. You can read more about the importance of pediatric dental visits and teeth cleanings.

Parenting is a Learning Journey – Get More Guidance and Tips to Help You Through

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