Injuries are very common to every sportsperson. Sometimes we become so engrossed in the game that we forget our limits. As a result, we injure ourselves. Different treatments can be done to recover from a sports injury. There are many home remedies to treat minor injuries. 

But, if you have a severe injury, you must take medical help. The two primary outcomes of a sports injury are swelling and pain. Both of them can be effectively treated by using Cryotherapy. Before we move further, we need to understand what Cryotherapy is and how it is done.

What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy means cold therapy. During this therapy, your body will be exposed to freezing temperatures for a few minutes. This therapy can be done to a specific area of your body or your whole body. 

This therapy is done in a particular area using different methods. You can use ice packs and ice bags to cool down the injured area. Sometimes ice massage and some coolant sprays are also used. Other methods include ice baths and tissue probing.

During Cryotherapy, the entire body is immersed in icy air for a few minutes. This process has several health benefits. The person will be in a closed chamber with his or her head outside. The temperature of the room will be dropped to minus 300 degree F. The patient has to stand there for three to four minutes. You will get a lot of benefits from just one session. 

Most athletes use this therapy daily. Others use it for two consecutive weeks and then once a month. For the best Cryotherapy treatment, you must check Pure IV Health. They have the most skilled and trained specialists who can perform this therapy effectively.

How does cryotherapy heal pain and swelling?

When we play sports, we have a risk of injuring ourselves. Cryotherapy can be used to treat such injuries. Any injury causes a lot of pain and swelling. We even fail to perform our daily tasks. Proper treatment and rest are required to get back to our everyday life.  

Cryotherapy has been proved very effective in healing the pain and swelling that we get from sports injuries.

It reduces inflammation

When any of our muscles are injured during sports, it causes inflammation. Due to high inflammation, we feel severe pain. When we treat the area with cryotherapy, the muscle inflammation reduces instantly, which prevents further damages. This treatment cools our muscles and reduces pain.

It cools down our nerves

Injuries are painful. The pain depends on the severity of the injury. When any of our organs get injured, we get stressed due to the inexplicable pain. Thus our muscles become stiffer, and the healing takes more time. Using cold treatment of the injured muscles relaxes our nerves and makes them steady. Thus, we feel less pain.

It calms our blood vessels

Due to sports injury, our blood vessels get disturbed. To restore them to their former condition, cryotherapy is done. It calms down our blood vessels and controls our nerves. Thus, our pain goes away.

It helps in fast recovery

All of us want to recover from a sports injury and continue our regular life as soon as possible. Cryotherapy has been proven to aid the recovery process. When an ice bag is used on the injured area, the injury starts to heal. The ice prevents any further damage and swelling. Thus, we recover faster. Basically, it is very effective for recovering from hinge joint injuries like knee injuries. Another alternative to Cryotherapy is Breg polar care cube for a fast recovery from the hinge joint. Read more to learn how to use breg polar care cube for knee.

It supports our muscles 

Swelling and severe pain are the two major symptoms of sports injury. When we use ice treatment, our muscles get relaxed, and no swelling takes place. Thus, we do not feel any severe pain due to the injury.

It relaxes our whole body

Cryotherapy is used to ease our pain and stabilize our nerves. During this therapy, we do not feel any pain and feel extremely relaxed. 

It reduces our skin temperature

Another benefit of Cryotherapy is that when ice or cold air is applied to our injured part, our skin temperature drops down. So, we cannot feel any pain or irritation.

It reduces migraine pain

Sometimes, due to sports injury, we feel migraine. When ice is applied to our neck area, the nerves become numb and cool. Thus, it saves us from the pain of migraine.

It reduces nerve irritation

In a sports injury, sometimes our sensitive nerves become pinched or damaged. This causes nerve irritation, and we feel more pain. With Cryotherapy, that nerve irritation can be healed. When a small probe is into the nearby tissue, it treats the pinched nerve and saves the patient from acute injury and chronic pain.

It improves our psychological condition

Behind the pain we feel due to sports injuries, our psychology plays a great role. Most of the time, the pain is in the mind. Cryotherapy helps to improve our psychological condition so that we can overcome the injury after-shock condition. 


Thus, we can say that Cryotherapy effectively heals our pain and swelling and saves us from severe conditions. Involving ourselves in sports is a great way to maintain fitness, but we must stay careful while paying or else we may injure ourselves badly.