Time marches on and waits for no man, as the sayings go. It also leaves its mark on people’s bodies as the aging process continues. However, that does not mean people need to give up and let nature take its course, not when treatments can slow it down or reverse some of its effects. 

One of these is NAD regenerative therapy, often administered via an IV drip. The best part is that NAD IV treatment does not involve harmful chemicals, instead of capitalizing on the range of coenzymes, vitamins, and minerals that slow the aging process.

Here is a closer look at NAD therapy and what it entails:

What is NAD?

NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a naturally occurring coenzyme found in each body cell. It performs metabolic processes in the body, including boosting cellular energy and maintaining mitochondrial health. Coenzymes are referred to as ‘helper molecules’ in layman’s terms. They bind to other enzymes, helping them do their jobs. Therefore, NAD is essential for metabolizing food into energy and maintaining DNA health. During aging, declining DNA health means cells cannot function as well as they did in the past. Metabolic processing of food intake also slows, leading to weight gain. This happens because NAD production declines over time.

Many people turn to anti-aging NAD treatment from Drip Hydration to supplement their bodies’ NAD volumes. Like Event Scan, Color, Global 7 Diagnostics, and Covid Clinic, Drip Hydration has also extended its services to include at-home or onsite COVID-19 testing. Its corporate testing program has found much favor among employers who undertake regular staff testing to ensure that employees do not have the virus and spread it among their colleagues. 

COVID testing is oftentimes more effective with a blanket approach that tests everyone as some people carry it while remaining asymptomatic. However, COVID testing is only one of many services that Drip Hydration offers. Its list contains IV treatments for dehydration, stomach flu, boosting the immune system, facilitating recovery from illness, weight loss, and even a hangover treatment. One of the company’s bestsellers is its NAD IV treatment.

Choosing a NAD treatment

With so many companies offering NAD treatment, potential users should research them ahead of time. Ensuring that their company of choice is regulated and featured incredible online articles and research gives them a better chance of getting a quality product.

NAD treatments come in tablet or capsule form, which users must consume daily. However, most have found IV treatment more successful as it gets straight to work, and the dosage contains a higher concentration than orally ingested products. Before selecting your NAD therapy of choice, evaluate its intended use to ensure you make an informed decision, as NAD is used in differing quantities and supplemented with different vitamins and minerals according to its intended purpose.

Anti-aging NAD

As an anti-aging treatment, NAD is highly effective. It slows down the aging process right across the body, enhancing mental clarity and clearing brain fog. People who have entered the aging process might find that they become forgetful, or their concentration span declines. NAD treatment enhances memory retention and concentration abilities.

Anti-aging NAD also boosts the immune system, something which people need as they get older. Aging causes an immune system function decline, making older people more vulnerable to infections, such as COVID-19. With NAD, the immune boost offered could reduce their chances of getting ill. Many users report increased energy levels and vitality with cells working at optimal capacity.

NAD for athletes

Many fitness fanatics and sportspeople find NAD a welcome treatment as it helps cells recover after a strenuous workout. It also increases their energy levels, allowing them to push themselves harder.

NAD helps keep them in peak condition and maintain the athletic performance they know they are capable of. Additionally, it is not regarded as a performance-enhancing drug, making it safe for professional use.

NAD for addiction treatment

NAD levels decline in those people who abuse drugs or alcohol. Therefore, a NAD boost during their initial recovery or detox can be useful.

The functions NAD performs in the brain make it essential to a full cognitive recovery from addiction. Many recovering addicts continue to use NAD well after they stop ingesting drugs and alcohol to continue delivering optimal amounts of this coenzyme to their bodies and brains.