Losing a tooth can considerably disturb your quality of life, creating trouble in daily activities like speaking and eating. Modern dental restorative procedures have reduced the number of teeth extracted every year, but many people still have one or two missing teeth in their mouths. If you have lost a natural tooth and you are looking for a permanent solution to your problem, then dental implants should be your first choice.

A dental implant is a fixture embedded in the jaw bone and it replaces a natural tooth by supporting prosthesis, like a crown or fixed or removable denture. Once the dental implant is in place, bone formation occurs, which surrounds it, leading to firm anchorage and solidity of your artificial tooth.

Dental implants are quite popular today as the most durable and convenient replacement option for missing teeth. The important thing is to get a qualified and experienced emergency dentist in Calgary for the procedure. Here is a look at why you might prefer them to other tooth replacement options, like bridges and dentures.

Enjoy a beautiful smile-

Losing a tooth can ruin your smile, as well as facial aesthetics. You can have aesthetically pleasing dental prosthesis placed over the implants, therefore restoring your beautiful smile and attractive appearance. With a beautiful smile, you will face the world with more confidence.


Unlike dental bridges and dentures, dental implants are intended to last forever. Provided you practice proper oral health and you follow your dentist’s instructions about caring for the implants, you can expect them to last a lifetime. This means an implant gives you a permanent solution to your lost tooth/teeth problem.

Eat any food you like-

Individuals who wear removable or fixed dentures have to avoid eating sticky and hard foods. This means that they have to avoid many of their much-loved foods. Once you have a dental implant, you can enjoy all your preferred foods without the fear of dislodging or breaking your dentures.

Comfort –

The implants are embedded in the jaw bone just like your natural teeth. Replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant gives you the same level of convenience and comfort you have with your natural tooth.

Improved oral hygiene-

Maintaining optimal hygiene with dental bridges can be hard, as the toothbrush bristles are unable to get rid of food particles from underneath them. For that reason, extra oral hygiene measures might be required to achieve the best dental health. However, implants can be cleaned the same way you clean your natural teeth, which allows you to maintain the best possible oral hygiene.

Dental implants are a great way to replace your missing teeth. Visit Icon Dental Center and talk about this treatment option and start enjoying its comfort and convenience today. However, to get the best out of this dental procedure, you have to choose a good dentist. You should decide to go for an emergency dentist in Calgary, so that you can get to them whenever the need arises, day or night.