Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is vital to your overall health. So picking your dentist is just as important as choosing your doctor, maybe even more important!

To help you out, here are 5 tips on how to pick a dentist.

1. Check Coverage

There may be many local dentists, but not all of them will be covered under your dental insurance. Narrow down your list immediately by crossing all the practices that aren’t in your dental insurance network.

2. Think About Accessibility

You might’ve found a dental office that has top reviews, but if it’s out in the middle of nowhere and you require frequent dental treatments, it may not be worth picking that one.

You might also prefer a dentist that has weekend hours so you won’t have to take off work to go to your appointments. Or, perhaps you want a dentist located near work so you can head there straight after you get off work.

Think about all these factors and set a radius of where you’d like your dentist to be. Also, determine if weekend hours are a must have, or just something nice to have.

3. Ask Around

What better way to find out if a dentist is good or not than by going straight to the source? Your friends and family are bound to have their own dentists they see.

Whether it’s sending a text, giving them a phone call, or posting on social media, provide your loved ones with your shortlist and see if they have any opinions. You might even be able to cross off some based on the experiences of your family and friends.

4. Read Reviews

Like with asking around for personal testimonials, looking online can help you form an opinion on  certain dentists too. Do a Google search like “Willow Creek Way dentist near me” and you’re sure to get hits on patient reviews.

You’ll be able to see how they feel about their interactions with the dentist and if it’s a comfortable setting for you.

5. Drop in for a Visit

When you have a few you’re considering, drop into the dental offices. By being there physically, you can get a good assessment of how easy the office is to find, how clean it is, and how the staff treats its patients.

If you’ve picked a slow time to visit, you might even be able to speak to the dentist for a little bit. Should you get this opportunity, feel free to ask questions to get a feel for how they handle things, especially anxious patients.

Know How to Pick a Dentist for the Best Service

By knowing how to pick a dentist, you’ll set yourself up for more comfortable and positive experiences. We know how daunting it can be to go for a dental appointment, so use our tips to reduce your anxiety and make the dentist’s office a safe space.

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