Drug addiction is quickly becoming a global concern. Among other things, drug addiction can deteriorate your health and even send you to an early grave. Plus, more and more people are finding it difficult to quit drug addiction. According to the stats, deaths resulting from drug addiction are on the rise. That’s why more and more treatment programs have been devised. And one of the most effective treatment programs is Medical Assisted Treatment. Centered on modern technological approaches, MAT is designed to ensure opioid and alcohol addicts recover successively and effectively. Here are key things you should know regarding MAT Treatment.

The Basics

MAT( Medical assisted treatment), a modern drug addiction treatment approach, is used to successively and effectively treat alcohol and opioid addicts. Remember, opioid overdose can be fatal. In fact, every 20 minutes at least one person dies due to opioid overdose. In 2017 alone, more than 288,000 American citizens died from alcohol-related issues. In a nutshell, the stats are worrying. However, you don’t have to face the grave. Let MAT deliver you from these life-wrecking chains.

Why Is MAT an Important Treatment?

According to the stats, conventional drug treatment programs have failed to help some people to fully quit drugs. This has made MAT a vital treatment option when it comes to helping drug addicts recover. Even more, the rates of substance abuse are on the rise. This prompted medics to find a complete treatment option that could help patients recover from drug abuse. For instance, the lapse rate of opioid use disorder after a detoxification program stands at 80 percent.

Benefits of Medical Assisted Treatment

Customized and effective, MAT offers solutions that fit your explicit needs. Even more, this treatment option addresses individual symptoms as well as the cruelty of withdrawal symptoms. Here is how the MAT promotes successful opioid and alcohol use disorder recovery process:

Recovery Process

According to experts, MAT helps sustain long-term drug recovery processes. The effects of MAT are long term in nature. This promoted the recovery process.

Withdrawal Symptoms

MAT decreases and prevents withdrawal-related symptoms. The drug withdrawal symptoms are can be severe. However, the MAT is designed to deal with and prevent these symptoms.

Lapse Related Risks

The lapse rate from other drug treatment programs is worrying. However, MAT is personalized and effective in preventing lapse.

Quality of Life

MAT helps improve the quality of your life after treatment. Thus, patients won’t be tempted to revert back to drugs.

Other Benefits

Additional benefits of MAT include:

  • Reduces opioid and alcohol craving
  • MAT assists patients to manage anger, anxiety, etc.
  • Prevents patients from taking illicit drugs
  • With MAT, you don’t have to be hospitalized
  • Decreases overdosing risk
  • Since drug abuse is associated with criminal activities, you can account for the MAT to be safe.

The Bottom-Line

Technology, especially in the medical field, is quickly making drug addiction recovery effective. In particular, the introduction of Medical Assisted Treatment makes it easy for drug addicts to recover effectively and successfully. The above information highlights key things you should know regarding MAT.