Many people taking out health insurance are torn between public and private. Whether to rely on your public healthcare or take a private health insurance route is not easy to decide when your health is in line. The costs, complexity and variety of products definitely don’t make things easier. However, in order to make your choice and choose private health insurance, here are a few benefits this type of insurance offers. 

Private health insurance explained

First, it’s time to explain what is private health insurance anyway. When you need to see your doctor, there are various healthcare costs that are covered by your public health system, depending on your circumstances. However, other costs are not covered at all which means you can leave with a large bill if you don’t have private health insurance. 

Private health insurance covers certain expenses that aren’t covered by the public health system. There are two general areas of private health insurance: hospital cover and general treatment cover. Depending on where you live, you might also add a third type of coverage that included ambulances. 

Shorter wait time

One of the best benefits of private health insurance is the shorter wait time for receiving treatment. Some types of elective surgery can involve long waiting times, so having private health insurance can really make a difference in results. Elective surgery is any surgery planned in advance and not performed as an emergency (everything from cataract surgery to hip replacements). The waiting list for elective surgery in public hospitals varies from procedure to procedure. For instance, heart bypass surgery has a relatively short waiting time (17 days) but septoplasty patients (deviated septum repair) can wait for almost 250 days to get their surgery. 

On the other hand, private health insurance members usually are submitted faster and can even choose when to have their procedure. Private insurance holders can also secure a locked-in date which means their surgery will not be postponed. In many cases, public system patients get pushed back so that their doctors can operate on more critical cases. This won’t happen to you if you invest in private health insurance. 

Claim money is good

For many people, one of the main reasons to sign up for private health insurance is the rebate on health services. If certain health services are not covered by Medicare or any other public program, you can get your money back. In many cases, dental, optical, physiotherapy and chiropractic services can be very expensive. Members can also add pregnancy to their hospital cover or extras cover. In return for a more expensive premium, this additional provides users with access to many pregnancy-related services not available through private health insurance. Disclaimer: usually there’s a 12-month waiting period for pregnancy cover if you choose to add it to your insurance policy.

So, without good private insurance, you can end up with big bills and nowhere to pay them. If you’re worried about costs, you can even find the best insurance company that will save you money. Find practical health insurance comparison online and you’ll easily find the cheapest and best option for your needs. This way you’re protecting your health in the best way possible and saving money. 

Private rooms

Another benefit of private health insurance is privacy. Some users have the option to choose a private room to be treated in. In a public hospital, most patients share their rooms with four to six other people, depending on their condition. However, private health members can request a private room if such a luxury is available. If you’re expecting a child, you can also get a private room so your partner can stay with you. 

More control

If you need people to fit into your busy schedule, private health cover gives you plenty of choice and control over your hospital stay. You can not only choose a private room but also requires a certain hospital as well as dictate the timing of your procedure (if there are available slots). 

Many policies allow their members to select a doctor who will carry out the surgery. In public hospitals, doctors on duty will be your surgeons if you’re not a private member. However, just like with private rooms, this all depends on availability in the private system. 

Better cover

Certain more comprehensive covers of private health insurance also include new age treatments and wellness procedures. Things like remedial massages, acupuncture, health aids and even dietitian consultation can be included in your coverage, so you can really be protected from all sorts of obstacles in your life. 

No matter if you choose only hospital cover, only extras cover or both, one is for sure: your health will be in much safer hands if you choose a private health insurance route. Support you’ll get is the best benefit of all, so you’ll be able to take the best care of your health no matter where you are.