Renovation is a major undertaking that can take up a significant portion of your time and money. In some cases, the money you put into home improvement projects pay off and boost your house’s value. However, that’s not always the case. You must only invest in renovation projects that result in a significant return on your investment. So, what are the secret projects that don’t break your bank but offer maximum home improvement value? Let’s find out!

1. A fresh coat of paint:

Updating your house’s palette can go a long way in terms of increasing your house’s value. Whether it’s the walls inside your home or the front door, a fresh coat of paint is attractive. Contemporary colors will skyrocket not only the value but curb appeal as well. Subtle, neutral tones accompany almost all furniture and interior design, unlike in-your-face colors or quirky wallpapers. It is an extremely cost-effective method to rack in potential buyers and make the space look more unified.

2. Create the illusion of space:

Investors are now more interested in open concept homes or floorplans than homes with many rooms as per the prevailing trends. Along with open floor plans, people also want space to customize them according to their taste. No one likes a cluttered and congested interior, and that is why you should work on visually doubling the space if you don’t have a wall to knock off. Today, people are about the minimalist approach, and they go as far as RV living. Not only that, but RV parks near Highway 410 even take up bonney lake storage units to save space. Similarly, you can create space in your home as well by decluttering, putting your stuff away in storage units, and using tricks like installing large mirrors or floor-to-ceiling draperies.

3. Update fixtures:

There’s no need to take up full-scale bathroom or kitchen renovation projects because they have a very low recoup percentage. Instead, you should invest in small yet impactful fixtures like updating dull doorknobs, installing new curtain rods, switching plates, and adding stunning light fixtures. You can even install ceiling fans as they are a cheap alternative to air conditioning and update faucets throughout the house. Consider replacing your drawer knobs and pulls with current designs such as crystal rosette doorknobs, bern knobs, single fake door levers, and so on.

4. Think about the window treatments:

Energy-efficient windows were identified as the most desired feature in a house by homebuyers with an average income of $75,000 to $150,000. Windows are often overlooked when rummaging for ideas to increase home value. On the contrary, they can add a big “wow” factor to your home’s worth, especially if you invest in new window treatments that are also energy efficient. For instance, you can go for wooden blinds or plantation shutters for insulated vinyl windows as they can recover up to 74% of the costs. However, suppose you want a perfect combination of style and efficiency. In that case, you can try honeycomb shades (insulated cellular shades) or roman shades.

5. Take curb appeal up a notch:

Who wants to waste thousands of dollars on the house with a dry lawn and rusted steel door? Your house’s exterior is as important as the interior in adding to its value. Luckily, there are many simple and affordable ways you can spruce up the curb appeal. You can start by either painting the front door or replacing it altogether. It will help if you get a door with more character than a steel one, followed by a beautiful doormat that can dramatically change appearance. If a fresh coat of paint is not your cup of tea, you can always use a good power wash to bring back the shine in your fence, door, and even the driveway. Finally, invest some efforts into upgrading the landscape by adding colorful yet drought-tolerant plants.

6. Give the kitchen a minor remodel:

We’ve already established the fact that when it comes to your kitchen, a minor remodel adds more value than an upscale one. A major kitchen remodels only recoups 58% of your costs, while minor improvements can recover up to 77.6% of your total investment. So, which projects are great for a kitchen update? Start by freshening up the cabinetry. You can either replace the fronts with something more stylish or update knobs and handles with savvy ones. You can even add an attractive backsplash or install a better countertop. You can upgrade a few small appliances, add gorgeous light fixtures, and voila!

7. Refinish the existing floor:

Did you know that new wood flooring recoups 106% of costs while refinishing hardwood floors offer 100% return on investment at resale? If you don’t believe it, you can check out NAR’s 2019 Remodeling Impact Report. Wall-to-wall carpeting slowly descends into darkness as more people find the appeal in a glossy hardwood floor. The chances are that you already have a wood floor, so all you need to do to restore it to its original splendor is to have it refinished simply.


As much as you’d like to call home renovation a hobby, it’s mostly done to add value to your house. However, home improvement projects will yield favorable results no matter how expensive they are. That is why we bring you the topmost impactful yet simple home improvement ideas that will take your house’s value to the maximum.