If you’ve been living in the same place for a while now, chances are the exterior of your home could use a bit of freshening up. After all, every seasonal change brings unique elements that can impact your home’s curb appeal. Some of these elements, such as extreme weather conditions, heavy winds, intense storms, heat waves, and cold spells, may be beyond your control. And while these natural disasters are unavoidable and prevalent throughout the country, Indiana residents, particularly in Plainfield, often face a higher frequency of such events.

Fortunately, like many states, Indiana offers homeowners a range of home repair loans and grants. You can benefit from these programs to remove health and safety hazards and modernize your home. These programs are also highly effective in improving a home’s value and curb appeal. Besides, if you reside in Plainfield, it’s worth the effort because this city has a lucrative housing market, with the median home price at $362.5K as of July 2023.

So, what exterior home improvements should you consider? Here are eight easy ways to increase the curb appeal of your home:

1. Roof Replacement

The roof is your house’s crown and acts as a shield against the elements. So, if yours is leaking, showing signs of wear and tear, or has been damaged due to harsh weather conditions, you must immediately replace it.

However, since roofing isn’t a DIY job and not all contractors offer the same quality of work, be sure to research thoroughly and hire a reputable roofer. For instance, if you reside in Plainfield, you must hire qualified and experienced Plainfield roof replacement experts in your area.

2. Update Your Siding

One of the quickest and most effective ways to boost your home’s curb appeal is by replacing your old siding with a new one. This renovation will help protect your house from extreme weather conditions and pests and give it a more modern look. Additionally, you can improve insulation, lower energy bills, and add value to your home with the right siding choice. 

You can choose from various materials such as wood shingles, vinyl siding, fiber cement siding, brick, and stone. These materials come in different styles, colors, and textures, so you can pick one that best suits your home’s architecture and budget.

3. Get Creative With Landscaping 

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a lush, green lawn that brings freshness, beauty, and charm to your home’s exterior? Well, you can transform your yard with simple landscaping techniques.

Start by mowing your lawn regularly and removing weeds when needed. Prune your trees and shrubs to encourage new growth and spread mulch or gravel for a neat, finished look—also, plant seasonal flowers in the garden beds for a colorful landscape that changes each season. 

If you cannot maintain the yard regularly, choose low-maintenance groundcover plants to create a beautiful environment.

4. Install New Windows 

Many homeowners consider windows a part of interior design, but windows can also impact the overall look of your home from the outside. Installing brand-new windows will give your home an instant face-lift and increase its value and energy efficiency. 

You can pick any design that best suits your home’s style and budget, from bay and picture windows to double-hung windows. So, consider replacing your outdated windows with new energy-efficient ones for the ultimate curb appeal boost.

5. Add Some Sparkle With Lighting And Accessories 

So, you’ve added plants to your yard and replaced the old, dirty windows with new ones, which look terrific. But, to add more charm and curb appeal, incorporate lighting fixtures and accessories. 

Install decorative outdoor lighting around the front porch, driveway, or walkways. Use lanterns, motion sensor lights for added security, string lights for a gorgeous look, or spotlights to highlight certain features.

Alternatively, add accessories like a birdbath, an outdoor chandelier, or a fountain to your front yard. These accessories will work wonderfully with any landscaping design and add a layer of personality to the home’s overall curb appeal.

6. Paint It Up

Choose vibrant colors for the main elements of the exterior and a neutral palette for other areas. Or, you can use the best exterior color combinations to give your home a beautiful, unique look. 

Remember to paint your mailbox, porch railings, and other fixtures for a complete home makeover. And only work with high-quality exterior paint, such as latex-based or acrylic paints, that can withstand harsh weather elements. 

7. Hide The Trash

An overflowing trash bin in front of the house can quickly spoil a home’s curb appeal. Or, worse, a mismatched bin that doesn’t fit with the home’s aesthetic! 

The solution? Hide it away. Consider investing in an outdoor garbage enclosure to help keep your garbage cans out of sight and protect them from critters looking for a meal. You can custom design your enclosure to match the style of your home with wood or vinyl building materials. 

8. Install A New Garage Door

Is your home missing a garage door? Perhaps you have one, but it is rusted, squealing, and needs immediate repair. Installing a new garage door can make your home stand out and drastically improve the appearance of your home’s exterior. 

Newer models come with a variety of designs and features that not only look good but are also energy efficient. You can choose between steel, wood, aluminum, or vinyl finishes to fit the rest of your home’s design. The exterior materials are also available in a range of colors to customize the look and feel of your home. 


Every homeowner dreams of having the best-looking home on the block. Unfortunately, not every budget allows for major renovation projects. However, you can make several small changes and upgrades to instantly boost your home’s curb appeal without breaking the bank. It includes repainting the exterior, installing a new garage door, sprucing up the landscaping, updating outdoor lighting fixtures, adding new windows, and enclosing your garbage cans. 

If your roof is pulling down the look of your home, a roof replacement can do wonders for your property’s curb appeal. Updating the siding is another great way to improve your home’s look and feel. All in all, your house just needs a little lovin’, and now is a good time as any to get started!