Your bathroom renovation might be the most exciting housing project for you! However, when selecting the multiple kinds of bathroom faucets, it’s trickier than you can imagine. Today, you have a wide selection of bathroom faucets in various finishes, colors, sizes, and styles.

It is essential to place an order for your bathroom renovation. You need to select a sink faucet carefully so that you can keep using it for years. It is essential that it matches the entire theme and look of the room and the bathroom fixtures. For instance, you might be all keen about designing with gold accents in bathrooms, but you need to ensure that the faucet aesthetics match the surroundings.

Here are the multiple kinds of bathroom faucets you can read about and choose based on your requirement.


Are you searching for a “yester-year” style blended with new-age technology? If yes, then the bridge faucets might work for you. Here the tap and the levers branch from a single part. It needs two holes in the bathroom countertop instead of three. You will come across many bridge faucets in the undermount sinks. The blend provides you with the ease to experiment with other sink faucets. Generally, the bridge faucets are mounted on a bathroom countertop. Hence, it’s easy to clean close to the tap, keeping the bathroom sink hygienic and clean.

2. Single-handle

It is also called the single-lever faucets that come with one handle. These faucets manage the water pressure and the water temperature as well. However, some homeowners use these faucets for their kitchen sinks as well. The majority of single-handle faucets require single or double holes. It indicates that the faucets need a single hole in the kitchen countertop or bathroom for the faucet installation. But just in case there are extra holes, there are faucets with a mounting plate to cover the added holes.

3. Centre-set

The center-set bathroom faucets generally work on the basins that have three holes. These faucets have handles that are located four inches at a distance. It comprises two handles and a single spout, one on either side of the faucet’s base unit. A few center-set faucets come with two handles that get mounted on the six-inch plate over the bathroom sink.

4. Spread-fit

The connection beneath the countertop sink deck or the vanity sink deck is covered using the spread-fit faucets. All these faucets have separate handles and spout. Generally, the holes for the sink faucets are placed about ten inches at a distance from one another. It is possible to mount the taps in a non-standard configuration. For example, you can set the spout on the rear end, and faucet handles on a side make it easy for a fast installation. This faucet type has similarities with the center-set taps.

5. Wall-mount

You will find the wall-mounted faucets attached to the walls. It doesn’t get connected to the counter, similar to a deck-mounted tap or sink. This faucet extends atop the sink, and you can choose them from a wide variety of finishes, colors, and sizes. Today, most homemakers opt-in for the wall-mounted fixture for its sober and clean appearance—the style blends in modernity and a functional element. The principal advantage of the wall mount faucet atop the vanity sink is that it makes it easy for you to keep the sink space clean. There will be calcium and dirt deposits that usually build-up towards the back of the sink. It is one of the best areas to clean. It is undoubtedly to reach without using hardware and faucet in the way.

6. Deck mount

According to experts, the deck mount is a sink faucet that we can mount directly to a kitchen countertop or bathroom. This faucet differs from various bathroom taps that we mount on the sink or wall. You can use the deck mount faucets for bathtubs along with bathroom sink faucets.

7.A vessel

According to the bathroom renovation experts, the vessel sink sits atop the counters and bathroom instead of an inset. It is more or less like a conventional undermount or drop-in sink. The vessel sink basin can be composed of any material. Some of the vessel sink options are stainless steel, fired ceramic, copper, marble, and stone. You can opt-in for ceramic or glass, which are the most famous materials for the vessel sinks. You will mostly find a vessel sink in a bathroom as against a kitchen.

When it comes to the faucet configuration, you can drill holes onto the bathroom vanity or countertop for the sink faucet. Additionally, you can also select a double-hole or a single-hole design for the vessel sink faucet. And when it comes to the vessel sink, you can either choose a deck mount or a wall mount faucet. You will come across faucets that get manufactured for the vessel sinks. It clears the high rim of the faucet’s sink basin. Generally, the faucet requires to be four inches to keep the vessel sink basins clear.

These are a few bathroom faucet types that you need to keep in mind before making a final choice. Today, you will come across various bathroom faucet service providers offering you their best products. Here’s how to choose the best service provider:

  • Know your requirement – You must know your faucet requirement. You can either browse online and make your choice or check the faucets used in your region. Once you decide on the faucet type, you can choose a service provider. 
  • Check the online reviews – People today are vocal about their likes and dislikes about a service provider. You can read through the client testimonials and reviews about a specific service provider and then decide whether you want to opt-in for the same or not.

Finally, you can also check the product categories and the website before deciding to join hands with a service provider. These pointers will help you to make the correct selection.