When you think of home improvement projects, your mind might jump to the bathroom or kitchen. However, there is a project that can have a great impact on the value of your home without too much work: flooring. Flooring is an important feature for any room in a house and it’s been shown to increase the worth of homes by up to 20%. This blog post will cover what types of flooring are best for various rooms in your house as well as how best to install them so they last.

Hardwood Floors – Classic, A Timeless Design Choice That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Hardwood floors come in many different varieties. Of these types, oak is probably the most popular, although there are still plenty of others available if you look hard enough. You can also purchase things like bamboo and pine. One of the main types of wood flooring that people love the most is hardwood, simply because it allows a great deal of timeless style as well as character to be added to any room in a house. While real timber flooring Melbourne prices are often thought of as too high, the type of wood is truly valued as it would last for years, have timeless look, and would even become more beautiful as time passes, making timber flooring worth the investment not just in Melbourne, but also anywhere else around the world.

You will find that hardwood is available in a huge variety of different colors, styles, and patterns. It is also relatively easy to clean – so if you want to make a big impression with your home then you should definitely look into this type of flooring.

These are just some of the flooring types that property owners would go for when it comes to a home upgrade.

Cork Flooring – Popular Flooring Type Because It’s Comfortable And Warm To Walk On

While cork flooring is relatively new to the flooring industry, it’s quickly gaining popularity. It offers a unique look that can’t be found elsewhere. It’s so easy to install and maintain. It feels soft underfoot and would be perfect if you have children or pets. It could cushion fall, which would be great for kids running around and stumbling. It is also hypoallergenic. You can clean it easily and the price is affordable. If this type of material is what you would like to go for, there’s a trusted cork flooring supplier in Melbourne or in your location that would be happy to show you what they have in stock.

Laminate Wood Floors – Offering Affordability And Durability For Your Home Without Sacrificing Beauty Or Quality

A laminate flooring is made from a resin material and consists of paper laminate that is glued onto the subfloor of your existing floor. The laminate will then be covered by a hardwood subfloor. You can customise the look of a laminate floor by using different colours, finishes, and textures. Although they are durable and easy to maintain, laminate is actually quite expensive compared to ceramic tiles.

Ceramic Tiles – Durable, Attractive, And Easy To Maintain With Regular Cleaning Or Sealing Treatments 

Ceramic flooring is one of the most common tile types today. It is durable and easy to maintain but can crack if the floor is walked barefoot or washed with strong cleansers. Some homeowners do not like the fact that the material is a so-called ceramic tile, because some people associate ceramic tiles with glazed glass tiles. 

These are just some of the flooring types that property owners would go for when it comes to a home upgrade.