All it takes to keep burglars away is robust closed entry doors. Some do not even break into houses; they get in because the doors are so welcoming. Old doors are inviting entry to thieves because some of them are completely worn out. Made some many years ago, most of these doors lack robust locking systems, and some of them are made of wood that has hung on there, sucked in rainwater, and are rotten. When thieves come, they do not even struggle with the door. Just one push and they are in, armed.

To prevent all these uncertainties, it is advisable to keep replacing your door. New doors come with more vital locking systems and are made of more robust material and hard to break into. According to Total Home Windows and Doors, some of the reasons why old entry doors keep homes attractive to thieves are;

1. Old metal

Metal does not rot, but when it stays for long, it rusts. Rusting makes metal weak and weary. Some metal rusts to the point it starts having holes. Most door hinges are also made of metal. What happens when a burglar sees that your metal door is worn out? Or do your door hinges look tired and worn out? Just a simple kick and they are in.

Sometimes, repairing an old door might be more convincing because of the lesser costs than buying a new entry. How long will the repair last? Maybe a year, and you are back at it again. Then why not buy a new door that will last you a decade, add you more security and save you the time you spend repairing old exterior doors. A new door will also make your home look more beautiful. New entries have better material that will last you long. Also, when replacing the door, ensure you also return the frames. It makes no sense to put a new entry on old ugly frames.

Choose a door that is made of a more rigid material while keeping looks into consideration. Make sure the hinges are also new. This way, buglers will be held at bay. Also, do not only concentrate at the front door. Your old back door also needs some love.

2. Decayed wood

Your old entry doors have stayed there for many years now, right? Many rain seasons have passed, winter has come and gone, for over ten years, and you still see it strong? I suppose you might be wrong. Wood sucks in water, and this makes it rot. It may not look like it on the outside, but on the inside, it is rotten. A simple push and it falls off. Besides rotting, insects like termites also eat wood. It would be best if you always kept checking for any signs of weakness on your door. Time should also be an alarm that your door needs a replacement. The longer it has stayed, the weaker it becomes, and the more vulnerable it is. When replacing, ensure you go for a metal door or a tougher material to keep away from buglers. Do not also forget to replace the frames.

3. Tempting decorative panels

Some decorations that were added to old entry doors only made them more vulnerable to burglars. Imagine a glass put near the door lock. Thieves are aware of such kinds of doors, and this makes work easier for them. A simple smash on the glass and they are in. the latest doors are made of tough glass that is unbreakable, and buglers are also aware of this. For more security, an alarm is added to the glass. Looks are important, but safety is more important.

Do not wait until your door falls off, or until you find your house empty because some intruders broke in, to consider replacing your old doors. It is time!

Replacing your exterior doors brings to your home more benefits than just security. They make your home attractive, comfortable, energy-efficient and when you want to sell it, you can ask for a higher quote comfortably, without a blink!