House prices are sky-rocketing and many families are scared to buy a home knowing that their budgets won’t stretch to allow for any renovations or decorating. However, there are many hacks out there to improve the value of your home without needing to hire anyone or spend a huge amount of money. Budgeting and planning for buying your first home is essential so that you know what funds you’ll have available to improve your home for less. Read the first home buyers guide from Newcastle Permanent and get more value from your home today. Don’t feel pressured to sacrifice style with these 5 home improvement hacks that will have the value of your home increasing as you go.

Paint Your Linoleum Floor

Avoid the costs involved with re-flooring your kitchen or laundry’s linoleum tiles by simply painting over it. Use any style you’d like and be creative! Painting stripes or using bold colours adds an exciting appeal to your room as well as it being a bit of fun. The texture from the tiles is barely noticeable and provides an interesting element of detail to your new floor.

Add new handles to your kitchen cabinets 

Adding new handles to kitchen cabinets opens a world of choice to you. You may choose to fix new sleek handles to complement your more neutral, modern style or you may choose to demonstrate your flair through the addition of vintage or colourful handles. Whichever you choose, you and your friends and family will appreciate how this small change to your kitchen will add a fun and exciting twist to your home. Use unique handles you’ve found from world travels thanks to the Newcastle Permanent Building Society’s Everyday Account. Use your card worldwide with no account keeping fees and bring back antique handles to provide a one-of-a-kind kitchen style.

Use a Necklace as a Curtain Tieback

Add a touch of luxury with this simple hack of using old necklaces as a curtain tieback. You can choose a simple necklace with gentle beading or a multi-tiered intricate piece to make your curtains pop. Invite the sun in and watch as the jewellery glisten from the sun’s rays impressing your guests and showcases a grandeur style pop to ‘WOW’ your guests.

Stain Your Cabinets

Bright and light living spaces is the modern style of the times. Having bright interiors creates the illusion of more space and heightened ceilings as well as bringing in the open-plan living atmosphere and airiness. With a light room, you can easily achieve an industrial styled kitchen by staining your cabinets in a deep fawn colour. The juxtaposition of the light and dark will create sleek bold lines and shapes that will deepen your home’s style immensely. This is one of the most cost effective ways to make a dramatic change to your home and allows you to put more of your money toward the mortgage and repayments for your home. The Newcastle Permanent Building Society’s Family Guarantee can get you in your home sooner by enabling someone in your immediate family to provide security for a portion of your borrowing. You can borrow up to 100% of the value of your property with this scheme which can get you in your home sooner as you don’t have to save for an entire deposit.

Have a Monogram Planter

Styling your home doesn’t stop indoors. Refreshing and maintaining your outdoor space is just as important to improve the style of your home. Planting beautiful vibrant plants that are easily maintained is a great example of how to revitalise a space that is a bit dull. Decorate the outside walls of your home that back into your garden with a monogram planter that can be mounted to the brick wall. Fill it with beautiful effervescent flowers that bring a sweet aroma and aesthetic to your garden.

Make your home the stylish and functional space you’ve always dreamt it to be. Don’t let the stresses of budgeting and saving money stand in the way of your home improvement. With the support of The Newcastle Permanent Building Society in helping you maintain a steady plan, feel free to harness your inner DIY spirit and stylist to make the house you bought the home you love.