Who doesn’t like a fabulous interior to their dream home? Looking to maintain a vintage theme? Or need a modern touch to your place? Lavish or tiny, fashionable or sophisticated, whatever the look you want for your house, Swiss interior offers the best interior design services in Singapore. Furnishing your place or redecorating is an overwhelming job, but worry not! We’re here to help you out. Our professional and experienced interior designers help you to pick your style, guide you through how will it look in reality and make sure to deliver the exact same thing that speaks your mind. What makes us best? Read through:

When you check an interior designing magazine or catalog, there’s a chance it can get delivered differently when it comes to a different home. Then how will you get to know what type is suitable for your space? Our interior studio has various fully furnished room setups that can resemble most of the different room styles, and you choose the one which is close to yours and understand what all the furniture can fit significantly in that style. However, if you can’t resemble your type at our studio, we can create a 3D visualization of your room and design a great one according to your taste. So what are you waiting for? Plan a tour to our designer studios and find the perfect interior. Let’s see the steps we follow when you choose us to be your partner. Trust us, we won’t let you down:

  • Consultation: Our professionals personally visit your place, understand the structure and construction of the house, ask you different queries about what type of interior you’d prefer. We believe in taking as many inputs as possible to bring your dreams to reality. Do you prefer to have heavy furniture or to create more space with minimal furniture? Just put up your need and leave it on us.
  • Design: Once we receive the preferences, our interior designers share with you the suitable options, suggest what can give the house a surprising look as per your taste.
  • Visualize: As mentioned earlier, our model interior studios can give you a visual experience of how every piece of furniture can enlighten your home. Our 3D modeling will help you to show how it’ll look before even the setup so that you can try on different pieces and choose the option that you like.
  • Set up: Now sit back and relax. It’s on our part to execute the setup that we promised. Our craftsmen make sure to deliver precisely what you asked and how you need it. We don’t give space to even a small error when it comes to customer satisfaction.
  • Get in: Now, hop in. Your home is ready precisely as asked for. If you need anything else, we’re just a call away.

Sounds so perfect right? But you can think everyone says these things but fails miserably when it comes to execution. Then why should you believe us? True. But we’ve got the points to sell ourselves. Read to know more:

  • Affordable: Furnishing a dream home truly gets expensive. But we do have choices where you don’t need to compromise on your wish yet fits in your wallet.
  • Engineered: Every piece of the interior you see at our hub is an artwork crafted specially and carefully by our designers.
  • Quick: Our clock doesn’t have a sleeping schedule. You need us, you call us, we’ll be there for you. From consultation to the installation, meeting a splendid designer to create fantastic artwork for you, we’re right there for you all the time.
  • Stress-free: We’ll take the 100% ownership of the execution. You don’t need to call hundreds of times checking on the workers if they’re coming in for the work or not.
  • Accurate: Either it’s the time of starting or finishing the work or the simple details that can make a huge difference. We are so precise and always strives to be perfect. Of course, we don’t want our loyal and beloved customers to regret us.

Here you go, we’re sure to give you all the possible reasons to see why it is best to choose the Swiss interior as your designing partner. Give us a call now and be the smart decision-maker.