Giving your kitchen a redesign can help you fall back in love with your home and boost its value. It can also ignite a spark that helps you start cooking more at home, saving you time and money in the long run.

In the US, people spend on average $23000 on a kitchen remodel. You want every penny to count so it’s important to get a good design. Modern designs are always popular, but bringing it back to the retro style is still a classic.

Thinking of remodelling your kitchen with a retro design? Here are 5 retro decorating ideas to make your kitchen stand out.

1. Stained Glass Windows

When it comes to a kitchen remodel, you may not have considered the windows. But windows can have a massive impact on the whole of the room.

Stained glass windows give your kitchen a beautiful vintage vibe that welcomes everyone. Whether you live in an old or new house, it makes your kitchen so much more unique.

You can get a good idea of different styles from Take some time to figure out what style works best for your kitchen.

2. Add Some Retro Colors

When it comes to going retro, it’s all about the colors you use. It’s one of the most simple ways to make a room retro and there’s a lot to choose from.

Try out lighter shades of green along with red, mustard yellow, brown. black and white. Using different combinations of these colors can help make your kitchen pop. 

Also try to add layers to the room with chequered dish towels, oven mitts and mats. This not only adds to the retro theme, but makes the room feel more homely.

3. Add Vintage Appliances

You can’t have a truly retro kitchen design without opting for the vintage appliances. They add a certain charm to the room that modern appliances and technology don’t.

Getting a classic icebox fridge or old 50s style oven may not be easy (or even safe). But companies like Smeg sell retro-style appliances that are safe and modern.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on these and you don’t even need that much. Adding a vintage toaster or even small items like can openers can add a new charm to your kitchen. 

4. Add a Checker Board Floor

Speaking of color, one of the best ways to transform any room is by re-thinking the floor. When you think of a retro kitchen floor, it always has checkers!

You could go for the classic black and white square pattern, or mix it up with any other colors you fancy. They’ll help transform your old kitchen into a trendy 50s style diner anyone would want to eat at!

You can even add a retro carpet or rug in the kitchen for the dining area and combine with a retro-style dining booth. These all help accent each other and make the room feel super vintage.

5. Throwback the Wallpaper

An easy and quick way to give your new kitchen the vintage theme is to change up the wallpaper. Do some research and find old patterns that were classic in 50s, 60s and 70s homes. 

Polka dots or geometric patterns can make the room look great and give it an old but classy charm. Make it even more retro by combining the wallpaper with some wall art.

Go for framed advertisements from that era with bright colors that stand out. Food themed posters will work well as well as road signs or framed vinyl that was popular at the time.

6. Use Kitchen Arts

The use of kitchen arts is similar to the idea of wallpapers, but there are notable differences. In fact, you can blend retro wallpapers with various kitchen art paintings. It works best when these paintings complement your existing retro kitchen décor. Framed kitchen arts with different themes wouldn’t be a bad idea.

These Retro Decorating Ideas Will Transform Your Kitchen

These retro decorating ideas show that it doesn’t take a whole lot to change the whole feel of a room. Your kitchen is the beating heart of your house and a retro theme can make you want to be there more often. 

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