The median home price in the United States is $189,000.00. That number rises every year.

If you’re interested in making your house’s value rise even faster than natural conditions are propelling market inflation, your best bet is to invest in home renovations.

Before you go and start smashing your kitchen to bits with a sledge hammer, it’s important to understand that not all home renovations are created equal. Some are rather expensive and do very little in the way of adding additional value to your home.

Our suggestion is to opt for renovations on a budget that are cheap and can give your home a huge boost in its form and function.

Here are 8 simple renovations that we feel are worth prioritizing.

1. Work on Your Yard

If your front yard looks like a bomb went off, people will assume that the inside of your house looks the same. And maybe it does, but so what?

You don’t want onlookers knowing that!

So then, grab a mower and start buzzing down that unruly grass. Trim some hedges. Plant some flowers.

The more that you do to improve your yard, the more that you’re going to do for your home’s curb appeal. The better your home’s curb appeal, the more your house is going to be worth.

2. Paint Your Cabinets

One of the biggest home renovation obsessions in America revolves around the kitchen.

We certainly don’t blame people that have the urge to smash up their kitchen. Still, we can’t recommend a total kitchen re-do as a renovations on a budget suggestion.

A simpler alternative that can really spruce up your eating space is to grab a bucket of paint and give your cabinets a color change

If you choose the right color and do a good job, newly painted cabinets can make your kitchen seem brand new. They can also modernize your home.

3. Panel Your Bathroom Walls

Have you ever walked into a bathroom and were blown away by its incredible wall textures?

Here’s a secret for you: Most of those walls were faux. The owners used wall panels to make their bathroom look fancy without breaking their bank account.

You should do the same thing!

4. Touch Up Your House’s Entrance

Much like manicuring your lawn, your home’s entryway can have a big impact on people’s impression of your home. After all, first impressions are everything, right?

Simple things that you can do to spruce up your front doorway include adding a fancy lighting fixture over your door. Also, consider upgrading your door bell with something digital like a Ring Video Doorbell or a competing product.

Finally, paint your front door a color that pops (we like red or dark blue)!

5. Clean Your Carpet

Carpets are nice when it comes to insulating your house and making your home feel… Homey.

Carpets that are dirty though are the absolute worst.

They stink. They look horrible. They 100% ruin your home’s interior.

Fortunately, dealing with dirty carpets is simple. All you have to do is give them a good wash.

There are a number of professional carpet cleaners that will come out and service your carpet. Alternatively, you could buy or rent a carpet cleaning machine and tidy up your carpeting on your own.

6. Hide Your Wiring

No matter how well appointed your rooms are, if you’ve got messy cords all over your walls, your space isn’t looking anywhere as good as it could.

Buying a cord box to hide your cord’s excess slack in is a simple solution to this problem. A more cumbersome yet still palatable means of crushing that cord craziness is to hide your cords at the foot of your wall’s baseboards with the help of some cord covers.

Many renovations on a budget enthusiasts say that white tape can be used in place of cord covers if you’re planning on running your cords along baseboards. In our opinion though, white tape stands out and looks tacky.

7. Make Your House Energy Efficient

Improving your home’s energy consumption is a functional renovation that you can implement for $50.00 or less.

Get door blockers to cover the gap between your doorway and the floor to keep cold air from escaping your house. Replace your current light bulbs with LED bulbs. Upgrade your power strips to ones that don’t waste phantom energy.

Small changes like that could pay for themselves over the course of 1 or 2 electric bills.

8. Give Your Home an IQ Upgrade

Is your home cloud compatible? No? Fix that.

If we were you, we’d start by picking up an Echo Dot which we feel is the best digital assistant on the market. Then, we’d invest in HUE color changing bulbs by Philips, a climate control module by Nest and of course, a smart TV device (Roku, FireTV, AppleTV, etc.).

Walking into your house and turning on the lights/setting the thermostat/turning on the TV with your voice used to be a thing of science fiction. Today, with the right gear, it’s a reality.

Wrapping Up Our Renovations on a Budget Suggestions

Renovations on a budget can bring a ton of extra value to your home without needing to tax your bank account too heavily. We hope that our list of suggestions has gotten the wheels turning in your head and that you’re looking forward to implementing some of the things we’ve talked about soon!

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