Cartoons are something which children and adults both enjoy. Everyone grew up watching cartoons and prefers watching them in adulthood as it offers one to have a remarkable time. However, it is not an easy task to find a website these days where one could watch cartoons for free. Thus, this article will shed light on the top 13 alternative websites like watchcartoononline where one can watch cartoons. Have a look!

Details About “” Website: websites screenshot

This website is one of the best websites that offer free streaming of newly released anime series and movies. The most important thing is English dubbed and subbed animation shows are available on this website.

This site is adequately structured, and the menu is clear enough which even non-tech-savvy people can handle also. Also, its massive collection assists a user to get everything he/she wants on this single website. From old to new cartoons, whatever one desires to watch can watch it here.

Maximum traffic (Almost 200 K)of this website comes from the US. Due to some technical issues and Government restrictions, the main domain is not available all the time. That’s why you may face problems opening the official site. So you can try the proxy sites of this website:

Otherwise, you may try some alternative sites that offer the same kind of anime shows.

Here are the alternatives:

1. Kissanime


The list of the best websites starts with this one as it is new and trying to make a name for itself; hence, it offers all the ideal cartoons and anime series which an individual would love. Also, it provides an excellent interface that offers a better experience for the users.

One of the best aspects of this website is that an individual doesn’t have to sit through commercials while streaming his/her favorite cartoons. You can filter the anime shows using the character filter from A to Z. Also, it offers dubbed anime for more extensive choices. It has 770K+ monthly visitors from US only.

2. Youtube


Another amazing website to watch cartoons is a widely popular YouTube.It should be the number one place in this list but when the discussion is to watch only animation Youtube comes after Kissanime.

This platform is considered to be the most popular, and millions of people access it regularly. This site caters to the needs of not just watching movies but also cartoons and anime series.

With its easy-to-search option, an individual can get the entire series or episodes which a person wants to watch. Apart from it, the suggestions on the side offer various other cartoons which would be to one’s liking. Also, it is entirely free to watch.

3. Cartoonnetwork


Another website that makes it to this list is Cartoon network also known as CN. Specially we the 90’s kids are the big fans of this TV channel. This is an American TV channel from the famous production house of Warner Bros. This TV channel is available in maximum countries in the world. Also, it offers the users to watch cartoons online by providing them with a high-quality streaming option. Aside from cartoon movies and series, one can watch here anime series for free. Moreover, it is completely free of charge, and also a person doesn’t require registering for an account to use this website. As well as the main domain, CN provides various domains for specific countries and zones. Like:


4. Animepahe


Every anime lover knows about this website and is quite fond of the content it offers to users. It offers different series which are dubbed or subbed, and the home is commercial or ad-free. Also, the latest released series are featured on the homepage of this website.

It gets traffic of over 2.5 million every month primarily from the USA, Malaysia, Philippines, etc. Its interface is quite easy to handle which enhances the user experience. Like other cartoon streaming websites, this is quite good as people can simply click on the ones he/she likes and start watching them without any registration.

5. Animefrenzy


This online cartoon streaming website is where an individual can watch the latest anime and cartoons for free. Every series here is either in English or is dubbed. Also, it offers the users a live chat option which helps in interacting with other fans without any hassle. Hence, it is gaining quite a popularity these days.

6. Toonjet


Toon Jet is next on this list as it is one of the most popular online cartoon streaming platforms. One can watch here classic cartoons like Looney Tunes, Popeye, Tom, and Jerry, etc. without opting for any registration of more.

However, people would have to sign up and create an account if he/she wants to have a profile page along with rating each cartoon and leaving comments whenever they feel like it. Also, it is completely free of cost.

7. Kisscartoon


For free streaming of online cartoons, this website is quite famous in the US and UK. Every series is always updated to its latest episode always. Also, cartoons are properly categorized in different genres which aid users to find their selection easily. Though no registration is needed, having an account will help one to receive notifications about new cartoons or anime series when uploaded. However, one will come across a lot of ads here.

8. Cartoonito


This is another free website that is dedicated to children’s cartoons. It is recognized as one of the best cartoon websites for kids. It offers not just fun and entertaining cartoon series for children to watch but also educational videos which are ideal for pre-schoolers. Apart from cartoon series, children here will come across activities, songs, and games which every child would love and learn something from it.

9. Kimcartoon


This cartoon streaming online website offers users to watch cartoons for free. A vast array of selections is available for people to watch with the user account is an optional aspect for watching cartoons. However, if a person is looking to download any of the episodes of the entire series, then creating a user account is a must. Only after such a statement is created does a person receive the download links.

10. Kuroani


Another website that makes it to this list is KuroAni. It offers the users to watch cartoons online by providing them with a high-quality streaming option. Aside from cartoon movies and series, one can watch here anime series for free. Moreover, it is completely free of charge, and also a person doesn’t require registering for an account to use this website.

11. Cartoonsonline


Another top website for watching cartoons that makes it to this list is Watch Cartoon Online. . Moreover, this website is completely free of charge for people who want to access it without any hassle.

12. Cartooncrazy


This is another really amazing site where a person can watch cartoons as well as anime series for free and without any registration. One of the most noted aspects is its option for dubbed anime series. It has a user-friendly navigation system that offers a great user experience to people. However, one will have to face a lot of pop-ups as well as ads when opening new tabs for watching a cartoon.

13. Supercartoons


This is a user-friendly website where one can stream classic cartoons as well as modern ones for free. From old Disney animated series to various popular ones like Looney Tunes, Pink Panther, Roadrunner, etc. All one requires is clicking the favorite studios which produced a cartoon or searching the cartoon through its name.

These are the 13 best free websites where an individual can easily stream cartoons nowadays. All the websites on this list will rival any other sites which are there for streaming cartoons. Just give it a try, and you will not regret it! If you are looking for free movie streaming sites too then visit here.

More Sites That are Working in 2021

i .Vudu:


Searching for the perfect alternative to the most popular hosting websites for cartoon shows? Do you want to make your PC the next movable television? Vudu is the right choice for kids’ content. With exclusive features like featured movies and rentals, you can transform your digital experience with ease.

From time to time, Vudu runs a cool sale offer, where you can purchase the best movies at the cheapest rates. All you have to do is make an account by clicking on ‘Sign In’ and enjoy the best of the animated world in Vudu.

Looking forward to watching Vudu for Free. Check out their free section, where you can have the best collection of kids’ movies in the Family and Kids section.

ii. Toonova:


Don’t just restrict yourself to Anime, and move across to Korean Cartoons as well with Toonova. Toonova comes along with a simple GUI, wherein, you need not worry about enrolling or signing up. Simply click on your favorite show, and start binging while enjoying the popcorn bucket.

You can opt to watch cartoons, Korean drama, tv shows, and even full movies. Isn’t it exciting?

On the downside, you might have to battle against numerous ads. The ads in the side panel might not give a pleasing viewing experience.

If you can ignore the ads, you are sure to enjoy a wholesome experience.  

iii. AnimeUltima:


If you are a fan of Anime, you must not miss out on this website. Getting the updated episodes of the latest shows, AnimeUltima offers a community-enriched solution to the fans.

As you enter the home page, there will be a list of the currently featured shows that you can click and watch anytime. But, if you wish to explore more, click on Anime in the top right corner.

A drop-down list appears, wherein, you will have numerous options. You can choose to explore more options, select your anime from the anime list, check out the live shows getting aired, and many more.

Don’t let the fan inside you simply be restrained to yourself. You can as well explore the community section and grow your outreach. You may as well start your own community.

At night, you can enjoy your anime, till you sleep, using the night mode option. Enhance your viewing experience with Anime Ultima. Register right now!

iv. AnimeFLV:


In our list of the best online cartoon-watching website, Anime FLV is the last one. Saving the best for the last, it seems!

So, what is it that makes it special? The host of the excellent shows along with the ease of accessing them is unique. You can select the particular show that you wish to watch, and you are led on to the same.

No logins, no registrations, simply click and binge!

There are multiple links from which you can watch the show. Supposing that a particular link is not functioning properly, you can switch on to the next one. The picture quality of Anime is always a matter of concern. Yet, with AnimeFLV, you need not worry about it.

Crystal clear picture quality, with improved contrast balance, ensures that it doesn’t get too hard on your eyes. The only thing, which you should be worried about is the on-screen ads.

If you are not perturbed by them, get ready to have the best experience on AnimeFLV. Get ready to select the best Anime from the Anime directory now and enjoy the best out of it!

Top 3 Alternatives of WatchCartoonOnline in 2022

Watching cartoons is the most pleasurable part of our childhood. The story, the figures, and the colors of the cartoons, all create a different dream world in the mind of the children. So, if you want to make suitable cartoons available to your kids and spend time with them watching cartoons, you will try to visit an online cartoon website. WatchCartoonOnline is a popular cartoon website where will have a massive collection of content and a user-friendly interface. However, you may find some difficulties with this website such as going offline, lack of proper service, etc. Therefore, this article suggests the three most incredible alternatives for this website where you can enjoy watching cartoons with your kids.

  • CartoonsOn:

CartoonsOn is quite similar to WatchCartoonOnline and therefore, this can be the best alternative for you. Here, you can use both cartoons and anime. On this platform, you will have a great interface and a vast collection of cartoons. Therefore, you can find all your favorite cartoons here. This platform provides a blog from where you can read the history of cartoons and computer-generated animations. Thus, besides entertaining purposes, you can also use this website for learning new things. Above all, this platform is easy to use, and you can search for the functionality.

  • KissAnime:

If you are interested in anime streaming, the best platform for you is KissAnime. Apart from the availability of all types of anime tv-series, you will also be able to watch cartoons on this platform. Both dubbed and subbed videos are available on this site. In order to provide you with an excellent viewing experience, this site offers videos of high definition between 480p to 1080p. Besides several categories ranging from horror to action, there is also a kid’s category where children can watch and enjoy their cartoons and anime tv-series. In particular, this platform is easily accessible and highly responsive.

  • Disney Junior:

Another incredible free site to watch cartoons online is Disney Junior. It’s a popular site for watching cartoons for children and adults. The user-friendly interface of this platform makes your journey to search any cartoon very easy. On this site, you can also play games. This platform allows downloading cartoon apps. Disney Junior also has a YouTube channel, and you can watch the content of this site on YouTube. They also have homemade content and you can watch those content through Netflix.

General FAQ

Is there any website to watch free anime?

Yes, there are some websites like,, Kissanime where you can visit and stream online free.

Where to stream English dubbed anime?

Here are the top three websites with English dubbed like as follows watchcartoononline,,

Is shutting down?

NO, it’s working. But it may be down soon.