Chilling out after a long day or just wanting to do nothing for the day is necessary for everyone. One way people go around this is by watching shows and movies to escape sometimes overwhelming reality. Watching what other people are doing in imaginary settings is very relieving and we enjoy seeing what life can be. Some people look at it and yearn for such a life while others realize their life is bliss in those moments.

No matter the case, finding great shows has become quite difficult. There are way too many streaming services out there and there are way too many opinions on the internet now. This is not a bad thing, at least the many opinions on the internet part of the sentence. However, it is easy to get lost in the sauce and find yourself in a more difficult situation with so much information. This short guide will help you navigate the internet and find great shows.

Streaming services

The easiest way to find shows steadily and hastily is with streaming services. Everyone knows that Netflix is atop of its game when it comes to streaming services, but only when it is unlocked properly with a VPN. The reason why people switched from cable to streaming is due to there are way too many TV packages, but the same thing is going on with streaming now. However, it is possible to overcome these barriers by using some smart tricks and getting an unlimited access to shows.

Unlimited access

One flaw of using streaming services is the geo-restricted content depending on licensing in your country. Luckily, surpassing this content is not a problem if you have a VPN to switch your location. Using a VPN to surpass these restrictions is not illegal, you are not breaking any laws by using a VPN. You would be surprised to see what Netflix and other streaming services have to offer in different countries.

Besides unlimited access to every show on these streaming services, there are other benefits of VPNs. First off, your privacy is well protected because your data is stored on VPN servers which get wiped regularly. This data does not get sold in the meantime and no one can track you through your IP address. Leaking someone’s IP has become a very easy thing to do, but it is also much easier to get protected as well.

Your taste preference

Finding recommendations on different shows on the internet is not a problem, filtering those recommendations is the problem. There are a lot of people online and all of them have different opinions which yield a lot of recommendations. You need to make your own filter if you want to find great shows by thinking about your taste preference. This means you need to think about what you like seeing in a show, not what other people critically acclaim.

If you do not like something that people claim to be good at, you do not have to conform to their opinion. The whole point of watching shows is to watch them with your own very unique pair of eyes. Shows are perceived differently by a different pairs of eyes, and that is the beauty of shows and movies. The fact that we are all looking at the same thing yet each and every one of us will experience a show and a movie differently.

Online reviews

Reading online reviews should help you to get only a grip on what a show or a movie is all about. If you only have a limited amount of time, reading the synopsis can help you decide if you want to invest time into watching or not.

You should only read these objective synopses when trying to decide if you should watch a show or not. There are a lot of these reviews that will help you differentiate if a show sounds interesting or is it really interesting. Reading reviews on how to get all the latest news and access new shows is also very important if you are an avid enjoyer.

Sometimes, too much information can lead to a lot of confusion, which is why a summary is always necessary. By summarizing all the information you unveiled, you can filter what is meaningful and what is useless. Storing information for the sake of information is just a waste of time and energy.

One of the things that separate the human mind from AI is the ability to critically think about different topics. An AI will make an answer based on the data it was fed, which is similar to how we process information depending on our circumstances. However, humans are able to make de novo decisions and thoughts without previous data feeding and thus make their own filters.