A multinational technology giant with employees spread around the globe. Offering networking solutions to businesses, governments, and educational institutions to help make their information-sharing processes easier. Its systems are responsible for over 85% of all internet traffic. A corporation that skyrocketed the internet. Its name? Cisco — truly an industry leader.

The great deal on offer is that Cisco also provides a certification program so that you too can come under their wings, getting more qualified and allowing you to leave your mark in this ever-growing networking industry. Opportunities suddenly start becoming more & more visible.

Now, let’s look at a professional level test offered by Cisco that you can take to advance your career — Read VCE Tests exam which leads to the CCNP Routing & Switching certification. This certification gears you up with the right skills for real-world network implementation & troubleshooting. Skills that employers want.

The Path to Earning the CCNP R&S Credential

To obtain it, however, you’ll need a valid CCNA R&S certification or any CCIE badge as a prerequisite. You’ll also need to appear for 3 exams that this CCNP R&S certification consists of Route (300-101), Switch (300-115) and finally TShoot (300-135). These are mammoth exams, totaling at around 155 questions and 360 minutes (6 hours), with the passing score being 790 out of 1000 for the first two and 846 for TShoot. In total, the fee to sit for these certification exams is a staggering $900. But, given the benefits on offer, all this might just be worth it.

The Potential of This Offer

Passing 300-115 exam will mean that you are now qualified to plan, configure, and implement complicated switching solutions for different businesses. The learning content for this exam includes topics like configuring voice VLAN, learn about Cisco’s StackWise technology and verifying redundancy protocols like HSRP. Clearly, working through these lets you dive into all the nitty-gritty of networking. Other interesting areas you will have the opportunity to explore in this course include storm control, spanning trees like RPVST+, and verifying switch security features like DHCP snooping.

And at the end of taking all 3 exams, you will have the honor of calling yourself a Cisco certified network professional. Now, what does that mean for your career? With this credential, you could opt to become a systems engineer, maintaining all installed operating systems and software of a business to ensure their peak performance. Or, you could pursue a career as a network engineer, spending your hours making WANs or intranets for all your colleagues to use.

The icing on top? Well, according to Payscale, holding a CCNP R&S certificate means you can earn an average salary of $78,000 per year. The actual figures will depend of course on how vigilant you are in seeking out some work experience. Other open doors you could step through with this certificate include work as a network technician or a support engineer. The choice is yours.

The Ongoing Cisco Education

The obtained credential is valid only for a period of 3 years. After that, you’ll need to take and pass any of the many professional-level exams on offer that starts with 300-XXX (i.e. the new code alignment).

Alternatively, you could continue along the path Cisco has to offer and try to pass any of the CCIE written exams, recognized as the most prestigious networking certifications by the IT industry and a certification that can give you on average $125,000 a year. But whatever you choose, you must do it BEFORE your certificate expires.

The Assist for Your Climb

We wouldn’t be surprised if the thought of ‘this course is too expensive’ is already flashing in your brain. But if FREE is what you want, then FREE is what you’ll get. While the exams’ fee is $900 in total, there is a free method to prepare for these tests and even take free trials — all this is possible with the help of exam dumps from PrepAway.biz. Statistics on their pages suggest that often over 90% of questions in the real exam come word for word from their exam dumps.

Hundreds of files filled with CCNP questions and solved answers exist just online. These files were made by the most recent test-takers with the sole intention of helping a newbie like you (or anyone interested for that matter) pass any Cisco or other certificate exams, at any level. And to do it at your first go.

Prepaway offers all these filesare in ete format, meaning when you take the test on your laptop or smartphone, it simulates the real exam environment inclusive of the images, timers, checkboxes and real-world problem scenarios.

The software you need to open these dumps is the ETE Exam Simulator designed by Vumingo team. Using it you can practice as many times as you want, see your results, learn from your mistakes, and improve. If you really want to give your exam preparation a backbone, you could opt for the premium bundle for 300-115 exam at a cost of $39,99 now in which all the answers are corrected by IT experts. In addition, you’ll get a training course and a study guide to enhance your prep process.

Imagine What Your Future Holds

Don’t you want to be a part of this success story? But hurry. The last date to take the exams for the CCNP R&S certification is on 23rd February, 2020. On the 24th, changes will be made & this certification will be replaced by the CCNP Enterprise credential.

Don’t be afraid of the change. You still have time to prepare with updated exam dumps and pass your 300-115 exam. For those that are in progress with the CCNP R&S course, Cisco advises keeping at it.

Credits will be awarded towards your CCNP Enterprise certification because of the work you’ve done in the current one. Those who already have a CCNP R&S credential should know that it still retains its 3-year validity.

So go out there. Give this a shot. Start your prep today, and see where the future takes you. Who knows, twenty years from now, maybe you’ll be glad you did it.