Whether it’s a full remodel or a simple change, a new coat of paint can make any home look brand-new again.

If you love to paint and are considering a career as a home painter, the possibilities are endless.

From home interior design to fixer-upper flips, there’s certainly a market and a need for quality painters. Read on to learn how you can have a successful career as a home painter.

Learn Some Painting Skills

Before you embark on your home painting and money-making journey, it’s important to know a few skills. You want your customers to be happy, so you need to be able to paint things right.

If you’re new to professional painting, a great way to learn the skill is by volunteering. Reach out to your local Habitat For Humanity and ask if they’re in need of painters.

Volunteering is an awesome way to meet new people and hone in on your skill at the same time. Another way to increase your skill level is to watch some online videos of professional painters.

There are even courses you can enroll in that will help you improve your painting skills. These classes and videos will teach you all the tricks of the trade as well as some helpful shortcuts to increase productivity.

Another way to get free education is to register for local workshops. Your hardware store may offer free workshops with a focus on painting, so see what’s available in your area.

Practice Makes a Perfect Home Painter

Just like any other skill, practice is the best way to learn. Since you can’t afford to make mistakes on a customer’s home, start by practicing on your own.

Start small and repaint your bathroom, for example. Then, move on to other areas of your home like the bedroom or shutters. You can use this guide to help you get started.

Even if you make some mistakes along the way, remember that each paint job is a learning experience. Over time, you’ll build confidence so you can boldly pronounce your painting expertise.

You can also ask friends and family members who trust you if they’d be willing to let you paint their home. And, if you do a great job, you’ll also get a bit of free word of mouth advertising.

Keep Your Costs Low

Once you’re ready to embark on your journey as a home painter, you’ll want to keep your overhead costs as low as possible. Lower overhead allows you to maximize profit so you can grow your business.

For many painters, the upfront costs are minimal. This usually includes things like paint brushes and rollers, sprayers, and of course the cost of the paint.

Over time, you can start to market yourself by creating a logo and advertising. But when you first start, keep those costs low and let your work speak for itself.

Many painters can start for as little as $100 with just the cost of things like tape, protective coverings, and painting gear. If you plan to do some exterior painting, be sure to invest in a good ladder.

In most localities, painters don’t need a permit to perform work. Check with your jurisdiction before you begin a job to confirm so you have the paperwork you need.

It may be a good idea to invest in some insurance, too. For example, if you fall off a ladder while on the job, the customer’s homeowners insurance might not cover your medical costs.

As you grow your painting business, your costs will grow, too. Pay close attention to the type of work and tools you need so you can include upgrades into your budget.

You can start advertising by simply going door to door and asking people if they need any painting. Over time, expand this by including your information on websites and local directories so people reach out to you.

Places to Expand

As your business grows, so should your customer base. Talk to owners of large residential buildings such as condos or apartment units. This will give you the opportunity to paint several units together.

Reach out to local construction companies and ask if they’re in need of a painter. If your prices are reasonable, odds are that many contractors will be happy to use your services.

You can even talk to interior designers who specialize in updating peoples’ homes. They are often in need of quality painters who can deliver for their clients in a short period of time.

Brainstorm the various industries that utilize painters, and then reach out to them with an offer for help. Over time, you’ll develop a reputation that could bolster your business and help it to grow.

Don’t forget to utilize free online resources like Craigslist to reach out to potential customers. Between your online presence and a solid network, you should be able to create a profitable painting business after just a few jobs. 

A Career in Painting Is Easy

With the combination of the right skills, tools, and experience, you can watch your business as a home painter flourish. Reach out to those who may need your services and create long-lasting relationships for success.

Once you’ve mastered the skill of painting, the sky is the limit for a successful career. Upgrade your tools over time to help make your job easier. This will allow you to get more done in a shorter period of time.

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