Are you trying to have a part-time job at Starbucks to earn your pocket money and help your parents? It’s great that you are trying to become responsible for your life and your family. However, there is a certain age limitation to work at Starbucks due to the state laws regarding child labor. In this article, we will explain to you the age limits for both part-time and full-time works at Starbucks. Along with this, we also inform about the details of job requirements and offer effective guidance to get a job at Starbucks.

Age Requirements: How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Starbucks?

You have to be at least 16 years old to apply for a part-time job as a barista at Starbucks. On the other hand, when it comes to full-time jobs such as management jobs, you have to be at least 18-years old to apply for the post.


The job of a barista is to provide customer service that includes taking orders, making coffee, other beverages, and foods, providing those to the customers, and keeping the store organized and clean. As being a barista, you are the face of Starbucks, you should have an organized and calm attitude and endorse the values and culture of the organization. Whether it’s about ensuring the product quality or cash handling, it is your responsibility to maintain the standard of the store. The age limit to applying for a barista post is 16 years old.

Management Jobs:

The management jobs include shift managers, shift supervisors, assistant store managers, etc. and here you will be responsible for taking care of the whole operations of the store, promoting sales, and organizing the employees. If you apply for the post of shift supervisor, you should have at least one year of working experience in a restaurant or retail environment. As a shift supervisor, your job is to assist the store manager to perform the entire operations of the store. You also have to train and guide the new baristas and offer feedback for their performance in the store. To apply for any management job at Starbucks, you have to be at least 18 years old.

Wages at Starbucks:

Due to the different wage laws in different states and cities, wages at Starbucks differ depending on the location. However, the hourly earnings at Starbucks are excellent and you will have competitive pay and other outstanding benefits. Starbucks consider all their employees as partners. The hourly earnings of the baristas range from $ 8 to $ 15. On average, you can expect to earn about $9 per hour as a barista. The hourly earnings of the shift supervisors range from $ 9 to $ 18. Your wage is also negotiable depending on your skills and experience.

How to Crack a Job Interview at Starbucks?

Communication Skills:

In order to crack a job interview at Starbucks, you should have effective communication skills. Your verbal communication skills are important to serve the customers accurately and offer friendly support. It is essential to communicate with your customers effectively to understand what they want. Your communication skills also play an important role to satisfy the customers. Apart from verbal communication skills, you should also have a decent attitude and well manners.

Knowledge about Conflict Management:

While working at Starbucks, you can face a conflict with your co-worker or a customer. Therefore you should understand how to resolve conflicts calmly. You should not raise your voice, instead, you should effectively communicate with your co-workers and customers to resolve the conflict.

Cross-Cultural Awareness:

The customers and your co-workers can have different cultures than you. Therefore, you need to appreciate cultural differences and behave respectfully with each one. Cross-cultural awareness will help you love people and build a connection with them irrespective of cultural barriers. Therefore, building cross-cultural awareness is also important to get a job at Starbucks.

How to Dress for the Job Interview at Starbucks?

For the interview at Starbucks, you should look nice and clean. You should always prefer having business casual attire. You can wear a buttoned-down shirt, decent slacks, and dress shoes. However, depending on the position that you are applying for, you can choose your dress. For instance, if a woman applies for the position of a barista, she should wear a simple blouse with colored slacks, on the other hand, if she applies for the management post, she can wear a tailored skirt with a heel. However, depending on the location, the dresses for the interview differs, because different countries have a different culture for wearing the dress, and Starbucks respect that.

What Is So Exciting about Working at Starbucks?

Although Starbucks started its journey in 1971 with a slim storefront in Seattle’s Pike Place Market, this company not only has expanded all over the USA but also as of 2022, you will find Starbucks in 80 countries. Behind the huge success of this coffee and food service company, the satisfaction of their employees plays a crucial role. Starbucks consider their employees as partners and offer each partner a thirty percent discount on products. Apart from this, as an employee at Starbucks, you have one pound of free coffee every week and free beverages during your working period. A part-time worker will also receive insurance benefits. For full-time employees, Starbucks offer multiple benefits, such as performance bonus, paid sick days and paid time off, pension plans, vacation, medical insurances, and many more. Therefore, if you want to work at Starbucks, you should immediately apply for a job on their website.

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Other things you need to know when looking for jobs at Starbucks:

Can a 14-Year Old or 15-Year Old Work at Starbucks?

Although in most cases, to get entry-level positions, you are required to be at least 16-years old, in some states Starbucks allows a 14-year-old or 15-year-old minor depending on the state laws. However, you can join the Starbucks family at an age of 14 years old or 15 years old under strict legal conditions. If you want to join Starbucks as a teenager, you should have a legal permit. In that case, your job will be to assist to manage the store. Starbucks does not allow minors under 14-year-old to work.

Can a 16-Year-Old Work at Starbucks?

You have to be at least 16-years old to join Starbucks as a barista. This is a basic age requirement in most states.

Can an 18-Year Old Work at Starbucks?

Definitely. If you are 18 years old, you can apply both for part-time and full-time jobs. An 18-year-old is a legal age to apply for a job. Apart from applying for the position of a barista, you can also apply for management jobs, such as shift supervisor.