If you’re thinking about becoming a street sweeper then you are probably keen to get to know what qualifications you need and how you are best placed to get a job.

The fact is street sweeping jobs are a lot harder than the might at first seem. There’s more to it than just using a broom vacuum but there is nothing more exciting and heartwarming than doing a job connected to the local community, where you feel you are giving something back to your neighborhood.  

Perhaps you’ve been working in another industry and realized your dream job isn’t living up to your expectations. 

Here’s what you need to do to secure a successful street sweeper job. 

High School Diploma 

The most important qualification you need to secure a job as a sweeper is that all important certificate from your school. 

If you’ve just graduated that shouldn’t be too hard to find but if it’s been a few years you might want to practice your sweeping skills by dusting it off from whatever cupboard or drawer it’s been sat in. 

The job market is crowded these days so a college degree could help you stand out from the crowd. This is not an essential requirement and the majority of high school graduates don’t earn a degree. So remember this would just be an added extra and doesn’t prevent you from becoming a street cleaner. A degree in any field would be acceptable. 

Driving License

If you’re going to be sweeping the streets then the chances are you are going to be covering a wide area and are going to need access to a set of wheels. This is usually in the form of a van or vacuum trunk. If you’re wondering what is a vacuum truck then the main thing to know is that it is used to clean the streets and a driving license is therefore essential. 

It might be the case that private contractors or local government officials looking to hire a street sweeper might be put off if you don’t have that much experience of driving. 

If you’ve newly passed your test then you want to consider getting a job involving driving – perhaps part-time – to build up your driving experience before or whilst you are applying for your first roles. This will improve your standing and might make you stand out. 

Background Check 

Another crucial element you will need to apply for any job but particularly one where you come into contact with the public on a daily basis is a background check.

This will prove that you do not have any previous or outstanding criminal convictions. 

The kind of check that is needed and whether your or your employee pays the fee for this to be carried out will depend from job to job. 

Other Qualities 

Other qualities you need are the ability to engage with members of the public in a friendly manner and an ability to carry out physical labor on a daily basis.

The job is going to involve potentially lifting heavy objects as well as physically cleaning the streets so you are going to need to be fit.

Operating a van or truck might also be one of your duties so you need to ensure you can balance sitting down for 20-30 minutes with physical activity. 

Search Job Sites

So if you’ve got your heart set on a street sweeping job and you feel you meet all the requirements, where is the best place to start looking for a job?

The obvious place is to search job sites such as Indeed or in your local newspaper. Also, be sure to check out notice boards in supermarkets and public places.

Jobs can also get posted on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Be sure to use the search facility to see what is currently being advertised and to find any jobs that you might have missed on your newsfeed from friends or family members you don’t follow that closely. 

Make sure your CV is up to date and that you follow the instructions of the application carefully to ensure you don’t miss out on a great opportunity by missing out a crucial detail. 

Word of Mouth

Whilst applying to jobs in the traditional way by sending out applications and CVs can be great, word of mouth is always the best way to secure employment.

It means the person who will be your boss or who will make the decision about hiring you knows your face. To them you are not another name in their inbox, they have something to go by and can form an impression of your personality and whether they’d like to work for you.

Be sure to make sure you are presentable and well-dressed if you do happen to meet a potential boss, even if it is an informal setting. As this can help build a good image. 

Knowing Where To Look is the Key to Street Sweeping Jobs 

The hardest part of getting street sweeping jobs is searching for one. The qualifications are straight-forward and self-explanatory and so too is the amount of experience you are expected to have. A high school diploma and a driving license will stand you in good stead. So too will experience of driving and manual labor. 

If you enjoy cleaning and making the streets a nicer place for everyone in the neighborhood then this is for sure the job for you and this should shine through.

The key is finding the right job and marketing yourself. You can search newspapers, noticeboards and look online but if you haven’t advertised the skills you need properly then you might find it difficult.

Be sure to market yourself but also to put yourself out there in person. Talk to everyone because you never know who could be the key to your next job. 

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