Why serve in the military? This frequently asked question is always there when talking about joining. Answers always vary depending on the person — some say for serving the country holistically, and others are for a high salary.

For primary reasons, when putting a question towards direct military officers, the responses will be because of patriotism or the duty in the sense of pay and benefits. Undeniably, it offers almost everything.

Parallel to this, as per the surveys, it is also because of occupational reasons and career stability. It is not deniable that it has many opportunities with its different sectors. It may look the same in uniform, but with divergent functions/specialty and earnings.

So, this article will give you the list of best-paying jobs in different sectors of the military service. If you’re one of those who plan to join the military because of the pleasant benefits it offers, then read further as this article is perfectly right for you!

What Are the Best-Paying Jobs in Military Government Technical?

Military earning potential depends on the ranks and the military occupational specialty or called MOS. The higher your ranks, the better the income you will get. The following are some highest paying sectors in the military: 

1. Pilot

They are responsible for operating various military aircraft. Pilots in the military can be assigned to any sector. They are specialized in performing flight missions in terms of transporting troops, shipping equipment, enforcement help, and air combat support. The average salary is ranging $43,482 per year, depending on the pilot’s rank and specialized training.

2. Drone Pilot

Military drone pilots are specialized in operating remotely controlled aircraft for aerial reconnaissance, locating, and plotting military troops. And, their average salary is $44,858 per year.

3. Combat Engineer

Engineers are not only for construction sites, but engineers are also can be in the military. Combat engineers are specialized in combat support by navigation of terrain where the operation takes hold, constructing bridges for transport routes, and easing hazards such as land mines, debris, and explosives. Combat engineers’ salaries are ranging at $46,201 per year, excluding the additional income like bonuses and compensations.

4. Military Intelligence

Intelligence specialist is a crucial sector in the army. It is responsible for collecting, developing, and analyzing data information to be disseminated concerning the top official government or military personnel to create awareness for a specific mission operation. And the average salary for military intelligence is $64,207 per year.

5. Army IT Professional

Information technology in the military also plays a vital part relatively in network and system administration. In terms of military databases, they are specialized in compiling, assisting in terms of installation, setup, maintenance, and reporting data about the status of innumerable networks and computer systems. Their average salary ranges from $69,964 per year.


Military salaries are highly competitive enough as being portrayed. This doesn’t include yet the benefits aside from the income you will earn. Along with the satisfying average salary, the benefits are also on a different level. 

Cash bonuses and an insured paycheck are already in awe of any military personnel. This covers the special pay, enlistment bonuses, and advance enlistment rank. You wouldn’t need to worry about education if you are still pursuing a degree because College Tuition and Repayment of College Loans were also enclosed with the benefits such as GI bills, Tuition assistance, loan repayment program, and student loans deferment program.

Moreover, insurance is also included—from health, housing, and dental care. Aside from this, the families will be able to get these benefits as per members.

Travel Benefits and 30-day annual paid vacation time are also the most enjoyable recreational activities in the military. These are one of the benefits you could gain from joining the military—ranks and years of service are also other benefits.

Joining the military is a remarkable journey. As new technology arises, new combat strategies and tactics are being provided in the sense of high-resolution data relative to terrain, environment, and prompt commands. 

Military services now are way easier compared to the last century, duties aren’t weighting as things improved over time, with the help of new information technologies.