A baby shower is celebrated around the world, and people have given it different names. The purpose of a baby shower is to celebrate the expected birth of a child. This occasion also to celebrate motherhood, friends, and family usually come to this event with gifts and flowers. It is a pre-birth ceremony, and it is also the right way of gathering family members together. For some, it is an only woman gathering while this tradition is changing, and all family members equally enjoy this occasion. It is an entertaining activity and the mommy to find some time to enjoy amongst her loved ones. The parents or their dear ones can arrange the baby shower, and there is no hard and fast rule about who can plan the baby shower.

Here are five unique ideas for the baby shower that can help you to make the best arrangements.


Selecting an appropriate gift for the mother-to-be is essential. It’s not that tricky. If you focus on the needs of a new mom and baby, you will be able to come up with a better idea. You can either look at a beautiful postpartum recovery kit or make a sweet basket of chocolates to fulfill the chocolate cravings of a mother-to-be. Parenting books are also an excellent choice for the baby. One way of pampering the mother to be is to take her to a beauty salon and get her nails done. It is a very soothing activity for the mother, as the pregnancy hormones build up the expected mother feels emotional and needs a relaxing time. Look for a suitable gift, and you can check kids’ clothes sale to pick the best outfit for the baby.


A baby shower can be arranged at home, consider the amount of space you have first. Outdoors is a good idea as there will be more room for the guests to enjoy themselves in the fresh air. You can also contact your local park administration about arranging a baby shower there. It can be a restaurant, or you can simply organize one in your living room. The whole idea of a baby shower is to celebrate and have fun, so the location is not that important. You can also hold a baby shower on the terrace, but if there are kids on the expected guest list, then make sure the yard is adequately fenced and safe.

3. Be Creative With The Invitation Cards And Set A Theme

Invitation cards are a great way of expressing your love respect for someone and making them feel special. Select a wide range of colored craft papers and make each invite in a different color. Keep the size of the invitation cards regular and share a shared detail about the venue and event timing.  Theme based baby showers are fascinating, especially when you are looking for amazing pictures. Order a beautiful cake according to the idea and focus on the décor. Create a photo booth so that everyone can get an exciting picture.

 4. Keep It Open For All Friends And Family

Make your baby shower enjoyable by inviting the male squad as well. Ladies only baby showers are also an option but let everyone enjoy this event and let them put their share in it. You can ask the male members to sing, dance, and do something interesting. The mom and dad should be able to enjoy this event together, along with their relatives and dear ones.

5. Host A Couples Lunch

It is the simplest way of throwing a baby shower, and you can arrange a nice lunch or buffet to entertain your guests. If you are considering arranging it in a restaurant, then make your reservations on time and ask for a sided area so that you can have fun and decorate the area as well. 

6. Throw A Pajama Party For Mommies

Baby showers are far more than just a cake cutting ceremony. You can ask the mommies in your circle to show up at the venue in pajamas and bring gifts for the baby as well. If you are arranging the baby shower as a friend, then you can also add some relaxing activities like massage and grooming hours for all the guest mommies.

The Final Word

A baby shower is celebrated to congratulate the parents and give them gifts. It is an entertaining event where the mommy to be can relax and meet family and friends. Arrange a theme and decorate according to that, add a splash of colors to make the venue look interesting. To make it an entertaining event for both the parents invite the male members of the family as well. Play soothing songs to make the event memorable. Check your guest list and arrange food, stick your budget, and be creative in making the necessary preparations.