Generally, people are not aware of the concept that multiple reasons can reduce or stop the mental and physical growth of a newborn baby. One of them is improper handling of the child. Many times parents do not consider clothing as the object that creates a disturbance to the child and faces difficulties. Pediatricians and other health care professionals have been explaining that if you do not provide your child with comfortable wearing, then you are not letting the child grow healthy. How wearable of a newborn is associated with the growth, we will discuss later in this discussion. Swaddling is generally considering as wrapping your child with a cloth or a blanket before knowing the advantages they may have if used properly. Here we will be sharing some value-added benefits that are associated with the use of soft and comfortable blankets for your newborn:

1.Crying babies 

If you have a newborn baby and he cries a lot, this may be because the bed may not be comfortable for them. One of the best things about using a blanket is that the quilt has a soothing and relaxing feeling for the newborn. It is because the newborns are too sensitive for the wooden beds and hard surface, and on the contrary, blankets are prone to elevate the comfort level of the baby. Research survey claims that blankets are in observation to reduce this crying issue by more than 35%. 

2.Travel Plan 

If you are planning to travel shortly to a place that has a cold environment, you may need to use a blanket to wrap your newborn to keep your baby warm. One more advantage you may have is that if you are not in the mood to use a stroller, you can wrap your newborn in a blanket to keep them safe. Many times it has been observed that parents are not comfortable with bulky babywearing, so using a blanket is way more comfortable for you to use. 

3.Sound Sleep 

You will be amazed to know that a reasonable person sleeps for about 6 to 8 hours. Medical professionals recommend that a newborn must sleep around 14 to 16 hours a day, but this may break into several intervals of 3 to 4 hours. These intervals find to affect the overall health of the baby. If you swaddle your newborn in the blanket, the baby may have a sound sleep that will ultimately help the parents to relax and satisfied. As they may not have to visit the bedside again and again. 

4.Womb To World 

Changes are never acceptable if one is not comfortable with it. Similarly, the sudden transition from the mother’s warm womb to the cold world is not easy for the newborn. One benefit of wrapping your newborn is that it tends to increase the cozy environment for your baby and may help them to relax and sleep. As mentioned previously, more than 16 hours of sound sleep is needed for a child to have good mental health. 

5.Temperature Control 

Another benefit associated with the use of blanket is that the newborn may need a temperature control that is possible with the use of a blanket. If the blanket is made up of 100% cotton-mesh, it is highly effective as it is the breathable fabric and allows your baby to be comfortable with controlled temperature. Globally, medical professionals suggest maintaining two layers of the blanket to control the needed 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit for the baby. 

6.Reduction In Colic Pain 

Parents who have been able to see their child in colic pain will share their experience as one of the most helpless feelings. One add on the benefit of using a blanket is that the latest trends to increase pressure on the baby’s stomach that relieves the colic pain up to some extent. 


Being a parent or having babies around is a blessing from God. Their cognitive and physical health is highly dependent on the parents as they are the key players in the initial few years. If parents are not familiar with the needs of a child, then they must consult a pediatrician so they can understand what the dos and don’ts for handling a newborn are. Nevertheless, if you are not able to get help from your doctor, then we already have mentioned some benefits that may be helpful for you to understand how to handle a newborn.