We all have a friend or family member who lives outdoors and is constantly in need of a new tool or gadget for hikes and camping trips. Discover some great gift ideas for the outdoor adventurer in your life.

LED Lanterns

Everyone needs an LED lantern. This type of lantern is great as an emergency light source indoors during power failures or when you need to visit an attic, basement, or other unlit area. For your outdoor-loving friend, it’s best to find a lantern that can double as a power source for electronic devices. Rechargeable lanterns are a good option. You may want to consider having a backup light source that runs on batteries in case power is unavailable. Many types of lanterns exist, from lanterns that you wind up to turn on to solar lanterns and lanterns that charge via a USB cable. 

Solar Chargers

For longer trips to more remote areas, you may need something besides a rechargeable lantern. Enter the solar charger: portable power wherever you are. For a hiker or camper on the move, fast, high-powered solar chargers are better than slow, low-powered models. Better quality solar chargers cost more money, but they’re well worth the expense. Instead of buying the solar panel on its own, consider getting a solar recharging kit. This kit comes with a folding solar panel and a set of rechargeable batteries as well as a power pack for all your devices.

Sturdy Footwear

While a pair of old sneakers may be fine for wearing in the garden, venturing further afield means wearing something a little more solid on your feet. Walking boots or other working boots are the ideal gift, although you want to make sure you buy the correct size. A good pair of boots should offer plenty of ankle support. Waterproof boots are a must-have item for campers and hikers who may find themselves traversing wet ground or crossing rivers and streams. Don’t forget a quality pair of hiking socks as well.


Gardeners, hikers, and campers can all benefit from a quality multi-tool. Some people swear by the classic Swiss Army knife, while others prefer the heft of a standard folding multi-tool. A range of multi-tool devices exist in the market, from tiny 2-inch-long tools designed to hang from a key ring to a multi-tool with a built-in ax and saw. This type of implement can be a valuable survival tool for serious wilderness trips where you may find that you need to cut through branches, ropes, or ice.

Whether you’re choosing a multi-tool or a rechargeable LED lantern, you should always choose the best quality item that you can afford. While cheaper items may work well the first few times you use them, they can ultimately fail after a few trips in the outdoors. An item breaking down is annoying at best and a serious problem at worst. 

Now that you have some ideas about what to give the outdoor lover in your life, go ahead and start shopping.