The metropolis city of Denver is heaven for motorcyclists. You can easily weave through traffic, avoid crowds and reach your destination in no time. Yet despite being a minimal mode of transport, motorcycles are still prone to accidents. In 2018, Colorado reported about 50 fatal accidents in Denver alone. As a motorcyclist, if you experience a collision, you need help in the form of legal intervention right away. A motorcycle accident is immensely rattling. You may sustain multiple injuries and damages to your bike and require immediate medical attention, all of which cost money. However, with good lawyers in your corner, you get fair due and the opportunity to hold the other party accountable for their negligence. To get started, here’s what you need to know:

Why Do You Need a Lawyer?

Handling a motorcycle lawsuit after being in a collision is not easy. You need time to recover and document the entire accident to make a valid case. Depending on how extensive your injuries are, you may be hospitalized for an extended period, making it challenging for you to handle your case alone. The statute of limitations in states like Colorado is also three years. During this time, you must file for compensation and ensure all injuries get listed on the paperwork. While this may sound like you have enough time, that’s not true. 

Legal proceedings often take time, and your deadline may approach quicker than you think. So by turning to the best of Colorado’s biggest city and working with these Denver-based motorcycle accident lawyers, you can start the process of filing a lawsuit with minimal hassle. Your attorneys will also handle all the grunt work for you as you rest, ensuring it is within the rightful framework.

How to Find The Right Lawyer?

Finding a lawyer is all about trial and error. You have to lock down a professional you’re comfortable working with and feel confident in their skills. Lawsuits take time to settle, so if you’re uneasy from the get-go, you’ll find it harder to cooperate with your attorney to turn your case into a success by providing the correct details. Here are some factors you need to keep an eye out for as you search for your lawyer:

1. Narrow Down On A Solid Experience?

Your lawyer needs to have substantial experience in dealing with court cases. This includes having expert negotiation skills that don’t back down from an offer but also know how to put your demands forward. For example, in the state of Colorado, you have to report an accident immediately. Since Denver follows an at-fault law, which entails that you can file a claim using the guilty driver’s insurance, it helps to have a lawyer handle talking to an insurance company for you. Of course, the agents will try to protect their client’s interests and coerce them into settling for a minor deal. But a seasoned lawyer can quickly subside these arguments and give you the best deal which accounts for all the injuries and wreckage you had to deal with. 

2. Check For Credentials

The easiest way to ensure your lawyer is up to the task is by using the Colorado bar association to confirm your choice of lawyer has cleared the bar and has a valid license. You can get additional information, such as popular cases they handled and their overall ranking among their clients. Additionally, you should go for a lawyer with an advanced law degree, like a master’s. This gives them an upper hand over those with only a bachelor’s degree and still new to the profession. 

3. Opt for A Consultation

A consultation session allows you and your lawyer to familiarize yourselves. This is the only time you’ll get to ask your questions about your case, inquire about the success of your lawsuits, and any pitfalls you should avoid during settlement. At the same time, it also gives the attorney a chance to glance at what they’ll be working with and if they feel your situation has the potential to end with a successful outcome. Therefore, don’t hesitate to scrutinize your lawyer during your first meet-up. Find out how flexible their schedule is and if they’ll accommodate you on sick days if you cannot make it to the office. If you’re still under treatment, inquire how the lawyer plans on meeting you if you go for check-ups.

4. Ask About Payments

Lawyers can be expensive to hire. Depending on the trial you’re dealing with, you may have to spend an insurmountable amount before you’re anywhere near the end of your case. Before you agree to work with a lawyer, learn about their charges. While the standard rate in Denver for personal injury lawyers is roughly $500 by the hour, some attorneys are willing to charge less. Furthermore, if the lawyer charges on a contingency basis that is a small amount from your settlement money, how much will you have to hand over? as the range can be from 30% to 40%. 

Some lawyers also charge you a retainer fee which covers all the expenses of your case. For example, if you make a down payment of $2000 and once the amount drops to $500, you’ll have to top up. Always work with a lawyer who aligns with your budget; this ensures that you can keep up with the piling expenses without putting yourself in a financially stressful situation.

5. Ensure Your Comfort

You need to have a solid relationship with your lawyer; for that to happen organically, you must be comfortable with your attorney. For example, if your lawyer tends to get irritated, impatient, or suddenly gets angry, they may not be the best option for you. But, if your attorney strives to meet your demands, explains the court proceedings patiently, and communicates with you transparently about your lawsuit, you’ll feel much more at ease with them. Also, depending on your personality, you may prefer working with a lawyer with a sense of humor or, in some cases, need a professional who doesn’t beat around the bush. Hence, consider all these factors and think about what type of environment and mannerism you want your lawyer to have that will help you relax in their presence.

Final Thoughts

Motorcycle accidents are devastating. The damage you incur goes far beyond a wrecked vehicle and can often lead to life-threatening injuries. If you’re sure you’re not at fault, it’s best to turn to an experienced attorney and ask for help. An experienced attorney is all you need in your fight to get Justice. These professionals will handle your case from filing to submitting the evidence with minimal trouble. 

Therefore, thoroughly research before you pick a lawyer to work with. It would help if you visited numerous factors, including your attorney’s experience, credentials, and cost. Other details include evaluating how you feel about the professional by seeking a consultation session to get an idea of how much the certified expert appeals to you. Once your legal specialist ticks all the right boxes, you can start the vigorous process of filing your case.