No matter what type of legal situation you may be facing, you need the best legal representation on your side. Whether you are facing criminal charges, are involved in a divorce or child custody dispute, or other situation where you need legal counsel, make sure you have a talented lawyer fighting to protect your rights. But for many people, knowing how to find the most talented lawyer to assist them can be overwhelming. To make sure you ultimately get the attorney you need, here are eight lesser-known ways you can use to hire a great attorney to handle your case.

1. Employer Legal Services

In some situations, the employer you work for may offer pre-paid legal services for certain situations. If you have a routine legal matter, you may be able to find an attorney who can assist you by offering a consultation, preparing documents, and even representing you in court.

2. Friends and Family

While most people fail to use this option, asking friends and family can often be a great source of information when seeking a talented lawyer. In almost all families, various members have needed attorneys for something along the way, be it a divorce, adoption, or even to help with a criminal matter. Whatever the case may be, always turn to friends and family when in need of an attorney.

3. Bar Association

If you like, you can also contact your area Bar Association to find out which attorneys may be the best of the best. Since this group will have information on whether a lawyer has had past problems regarding ethics or other issues, you can get an excellent idea of which lawyers may or may not be best for your situation.

4. Online Searches

Since you probably search for everything else online, why not do the same when you need family lawyers in Tweed Heads? In many cases, an online search will give you the honest opinions of those who have used various lawyers in the past. By taking the time to read some reviews and find out what others thought about how a particular lawyer handled a case similar to yours, you may find out everything you need to know.

5. Speaking to Past Clients

If you are going to meet with an attorney for an initial consultation, you should never be shy about asking them to provide you with references from past clients. If they do, you should get in touch with these clients so that you can get their overall impression of how their case was handled. If the lawyer you are meeting with is unwilling to do this, chances are you should look elsewhere, since they may have quite a few clients who were less than satisfied with their efforts.

6. Chamber of Commerce

If your locality has a Chamber of Commerce or similar organization, you may be able to tap into this resource to find the talented lawyer you require for your case. While a Chamber of Commerce naturally wants to promote all businesses within a community, it will also want to protect its own reputation. As a result, it is unlikely the organization will give you a bum steer regarding who are the best lawyers in your area.

7. Support Groups

If you are divorced or in the process of getting divorced, you may be part of a support group. If you are, your fellow group members may be able to point you in the right direction when seeking the services of an attorney. Since many of these people have faced the same issues you may now be dealing with, such as getting the child support you need, they may know the perfect attorney to help you and your case.

8. College Counseling Offices

Believe it or not, your college counseling office may be able to help you find a talented lawyer. Since these counselors are trained to help students deal with a variety of problems, they often know certain lawyers in and around the community who may offer pro bono or low-cost legal services to those enrolled in college or their families.

No matter which of these options you use, finding a talented lawyer to handle your case may be much easier than you anticipated