There are many questions that come up when one considers applying for disability benefits. Who is responsible for disability benefits? What is the application process? Is there a waiting period for disability benefits in colorado? A lack of knowledge on the procedure, along with the difficult nature surrounding matters related to disability, makes many disabled and deserving persons hesitant in even approaching the system.

This brief article will aim to explain the process and its particulars to you in the briefest time possible. If you or a loved one suffers from a disability and are eligible for benefits, hopefully, this article will make it easier for you to begin the process.


The entity responsible for disability benefits is the Social Security department and you can apply to them at your local Social Security office. You’ll have to attach medical documentation to your application, which will verify that you indeed do suffer from a disability and to what extent it affects you. Your application is then sent to the Disability Determination Services, who will determine the application and give their decision. It’s possible that you will be contacted by the DDS for more medical evidence or if there is any confusion and they require clarity. 

You don’t need to worry about privacy as both Social Services and DDS are obligated to keep your information confidential and the only people they would discuss the matter with are you or someone that is duly authorized on your behalf. It’s possible that DDS might contact your doctors, but only so far as to confirm that said doctors are indeed treating you for your disability.

Once DDS has made its decision, the information regarding eligibility status and amount of benefits will be provided to the Social Security Administration, who in turn will inform you.


The typical timeframe for any disability benefits application is usually 90 to 120 days. However, that is not the main issue. Even after your application has been approved by DDS and the Social Security Administration, you need to wait for about 5 months before you start receiving your cheque for disability benefits. The reasons for this are both administrative and logistical, but whatever the reason might be, it is inconvenient to the applicant.

There are some circumstances where this 5 month period may be expedited, with the Social Security Administration waiving the waiting period. However, a Colorado disability lawyer would be able to advise you better on how to apply for the same. However, there needs to be a viable reason, such as a dire need, or threat to safety, a terminal illness, or a compassionate allowance. The Social Security Administration also waives the waiting period if your disability has been sustained due to an injury in the line of duty.


There’s no need to worry if your application is rejected. It could be for a wide variety of reasons, including clerical errors, that your application has been denied. You do have the option to appeal your application and a lawyer will be able to help you navigate that process with relative ease.