DUI arrests can be complicated. Over 1.4 million drivers were arrested last year for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Find yourself with a DUI arrest? These are the best tips for what to do and what to avoid doing when dealing with a DUI arrest. 

1. Do Cooperate with Law Enforcement

One of the worst things you could do is try to make conversation with the authorities once you are pulled over to the side of the road. Treat the officer politely.

Cops are not going to want to make conversation with you to ease the charge of your DUI, so it’s important to allow yourself to be handcuffed and listen to the officer arresting you. 

Do not argue or resist arrest from the law enforcement officer. If you do so, you may face extra charges such as resisting arrest. 

2. Do Take Notes 

Remember to write down everything you can as soon as you get to the police station.

When you get in touch with a lawyer, such as one from Slidell law, he or she is going to question you about the scene and what you can remember about the day or night of your arrest.

Details are important to keep track of, so be sure to write down as much as you can to ensure a successful case.

3. Don’t Lie to The Police 

Another pro tip when you face a DUI arrest? Talk with the officers and tell the honest truth. You might be thinking about lying to get yourself out of the situation faster, but it does more harm than good to lie to a cop. 

You need to know your rights as a citizen to remain silent. However, you also need to recognize when to tell the truth, if an officer asks you questions about your drinking. It’s your Fifth Amendment right to invoke the right to be silent.

4. DUI Arrest Tip: Don’t Try to Escape

Another rule for cooperating with law enforcement is to stay put. The last thing you want to do is try to escape. You should pull over the second you see the sight of flashing blue and red lights.

Although nobody wishes to be pulled over, it’s the right thing to do. When you are being handcuffed and taken into custody, you also should follow protocol and sit inside the police car until you are taken to the police station for further questioning.

Need More Legal Advice?

These are four dos and don’ts for handling the circumstances of a DUI arrest. 

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